The Hollow Earth Theory

By Juan von Trillion

The Ultimate Woowoo

Part 1: Introduction || Part 2: The Shinetist Conspiracy
Part 3: Hollow Earth Videos on the Web

Part 4: The Last

Mr. Woo's Holistic Detective Agency, booked solid

It is about time for a little report that sums up what we have found while making our way into the Hollow Earth, mentally. If we could actually go there, we might never come back, for who knows what reasons, it could even be that we just don't feel like coming back to this outside world. Which can be considered, with the right attitude, as pretty pathetic. Any cursory glance at human history can tell you this, unless you believe that you are a reincarnation of some historic elite bigwig, in which case you will likely think that it was pretty neat so far.

NASA ATS 3 image series, 1973

Perhaps here is a clue why so many independent historic sources, entire cultures, have had this inside knowledge about another realm here in Earth. It is a bit like God - if she wasn't around, they would invent her. This Trotsky-person in Russia once put God on trial in front of 5,000 people and convicted him (or her?) in absentia. Trotsky, and the whole revolution tribe, was funded by zionist satanic central bankers, some say.

So why not project the Garden of Eden as being inside the planet, with neverending, diffuse sunlight, abundant food that is non-GMO and a really cool bunch of people? Some people think that that's actually what the Bible says about it. You can believe it, but not really prove it. But since this is not about believing or not in a Hollow Planet theory including Earth, we have to do a lot better than just putting our finger in the wind and pushing a button. To believe or not to believe, that is not the question here.

NASA ATS 3, 1969

One thing is the Hollow Earth as a real, physically palpable reality, the real-deal of flying into the Inner Earth, landing there and bringing back some good stories, and perhaps a personal message from the King of the Earth. Another angle is the Inner Earth as a more metaphysical but nonetheless real place. Or, possibly, both at the same time.

If there’s a chance that the Garden of Eden, or E.DIN in Sumerian, is actually around somewhere on Earth, like, inside Earth, why not spend some effort finding out as much as possible?

No Fun Horsing Around With Hollow Earthers

While you were minding your things and I pored over material related to this article series, a few things started showing up repeatedly, forming a pattern. Most interesting so far has been the lack of communication from at least four Hollow Earth "researchers" with books, sites, blogs, opinions, youtubes, even projects to go to the north pole with a (twin) nuclear-powered, leased Russian ice breaker with a whopping 75,000 horsing powers (the Yamal, already retired). Essentially, not a peep from them, and we have some serious readership here at Viewzone, which would get them at least more traffic, even one or two book sales. For some reason, you have to use a fish hook to pry out some collaboration from them, and even that doesn't work.

This image is a drawing, by Dominique Dreyer, all over the web

Since we can not bribe them into contact, the detective agency will have to rely on other proven methods and even consider a brief stint of Inspector Clouseau, yes, from France, who has been writing incoherent emails offering help (when we were just kidding).

There is one big problem with investigating the Hollow Earth seriously: those scientists in dozens of fields who assume that the Earth and some/many planets are (of course) solid, are not in any way inclined to interpret strange observations based on a Hollow Earth model. And that's pretty much all of them. And the Hollow Earth researchers in their corner, hyperventilating or not, will only look at phenomena that match with their favorite hobby horse. Now here comes the kicker: all the while our cherished Darwinian-Schweinsteininan-ShlomoFreudian models of reality are crumbling like Barry Soetoro's popularity, in part due to excessive lying, and Julio Iglesias' face, due to excessive sunbathing.

We are not in a position where there is any likelyhood of an announcement or discovery regarding the Hollow Earth settling the matter once and forever. A realtime transmission from the space station, or whatever is up there at the right angle, filming both Arctic and Antarctic with good cameras, not the cheap ones, with (free) zoomable search features, on all spectra and bandwidths, with ground penetrating radar, via HDTV and the web ... that would be a good start. But then, who says it would not be another BP-like video loop like the one of the oil spill in the Gulf? We mentioned that everything can be faked pretty much?

Now What?

Investigating Hollow Earth is a pretty irritating activity, even when you are not doing it in the field, did I mention this as well?

On the one hand, we know that we are being held in the dark wherever we care to look and for however long we permit this to happen. You can not expect with a straight face that science, the honest pursuit of knowledge about at least a part of reality, would be the one exception from universal brainwashing and deception.

Guess what planet

Hidden, or occult, knowledge and meaning is just that: not openly discussed - perhaps because it is so totally "ridiculous". Not openly discussed, but somebody somewhere is taking it very serious, and acts on it. Like the annual Bilderberger meetings. Ridiculous to think that the international elite could be meeting, low-profile, and discuss things in a way that would make us a bit nervous if we were briefed on this.

The muppet politicians and corporate media whores, NGO's and genocidal philanthropists are screaming "Global Warming!" and at the same time, offering their fake solution, "Global Taxes, and while we're at it: Global Government". Have you ever heard anybody scream "Global Pollution!", where the corporations would seriously bleed if one insisted that they not only clean up their mess, but not cause it in the first place? Not a peep.

ESSA 7 infrared photo of North Pole, 1968, from 1450 km

On the other hand, we should know that all standard models of creation, physics, cosmology, matter, dark matter, doesn't matter, time, history, geology, and good taste, are models that are destined to end up in a standard trash can. And rather sooner than later.

One more example about those standard models. The Big Bang. If you can believe that the Universe sprang from nothing, in a single instant, and for no reason, then you can accept pretty much any highly unlikely event and rationalize it. The Big Gang Bang is the miracle and singularity that science requested with wringing hands in order to try to explain everything from there, promise. Actually, they keep asking for more miracles and ahhhh ... money. One free miracle did not cut it after all.

You Always Get What You Pay For

In other words, with the Hollow Earth model, we are trying to investigate something which is ridiculed from the get-go by those who would do such an investigation best, the real scientists, dedicated to finding out the truth about (some) things, no matter what. No matter whether they have to admit that they once thought the Earth was, like, flat. And those scientists, in the vast majority of cases, subscribe to underlying models of the universe which deserve to be pushed while they are falling (the models, usually together with the scientists who chained their careers to them). Which is to say, unfortunately they have not died out just yet to make room for a new breed of scientists. Psychedelic scientists need to come out of the closet so we have room to put in all those shinetists, those who polish their crap and shine their asses. They are a pain in the derriere when you want to find out some truth.

"But is it the truth?" you ask. I think Wittgenstein responded that "true enough" was not a bad position.

Then ... we have the stories of polar explorers and expeditions, with faked diary entries and vicious smear campaigns when back from pole A or pole B (such as Peary and Cook in the 1870's), magazine editors who cultivate channelled messages about Inner Earth ("Amazing Stories" editor Ray Palmer in the early 1940's) and while doing so, dragging the entire subject into complete ridicule. Here's a good one to keep it mind:

"There is always a way of return, except from ridicule"

It has been proven many times that once you succeed in making something or someone look completely ridiculous, it is your best strategy for it, him or her to never make a comeback. This is why many readers will not click on a Hollow Earth story - it is something you could not talk about with many people. Hello freaks, nice to meet you, by the way.

We have (apparently) sincere Hollow Earth researchers, intelligent, educated people (apparently) who sometimes can not withstand the urge to bend facts just a wee bit out of shape to shore up their version of things. Just like the solid earthers, it must be said. Not to mention the flat-earthers, who set you on fire, cheerfully, with beady eyes.

As an example for Hollow Earth zeal: you could be absolutely right about the fact that seismic waves that are measured on this planet do not really jive with a solid earth model. The P and S waves of earthquakes are all out of whack, their shadow zone is really shady, and on and on. Pretty impressive data, if you ask me. But then, you also grab some cryptic diary entry of US Navy Admiral Byrd on his expeditions and make it more than it is, repeat previous trickster's rap-a-trap-a-clap because it fits in rather nicely with your story, and there you are: your perfectly bone-dry, scientific evidence supporting a Hollow Earth Theory has been completely contaminated with badly researched, or purposefully misinterpreted ... hollow bunk. And that's the end of that. One bad apple is all it takes to contaminate the rest. Now we have to painfully look into this interesting seismic anomaly data you mentioned somewhere? Unlikely to happen.

Now, if Mr. Woo's Holistic Detective Agency were paid for, it could be bribed. The client could also demand some sort of freaking statement about what we have been doing with all that expense account money, and what about all those costly polar expeditions and space shuttle flyovers, is that what you call holistic? Fortunately, we are not in the paid truth business and can therefore refer any overly anxious people who need closure to mind their very own business.

Vintage NASA

This is an ongoing research project, the revisited Hollow Earth Theory, the Ultimate Woowoo thing to do. While we work on future angles of this series, your comments are more than welcome, just like your donations. Since you are by now a self-selected group of incredibly smart and possibly articulate individuals, we want to hear from you in the COMMENTS section below, we want you to donate ten bucks to get rid of advertiser censorship, and we want you to receive Dan Eden's amazing illustrated ebook, "The Never Ending". You will be glad that you acted on your impulse to do this right now, before Jeff Bridges accepts the role of Dan Eden in the blockbuster movie hit. It leaves Indiana Jones so in the dust.

Eventually, we will hit that final tune on the formerly wet piano. We may have Inspector Clouseau playing, working on that, though he insists that he is better with the banjo.



Have in the last week found your site... WOW more information than I could have imagined. Keep up the GREAT work!

Donna Riggs

Thank you for the great presentation of Hollow Earth info, I'm very glad to see at least someone is talking about it with some sincerity online. I will relate some events of my own regarding this endeavor: I was once friends with a man who had fled his life as a professional scientist, partly due to the egoist politics and primitive hierarchies, and partly due to a horrendous divorce. At any rate, he was very savvy with physics and mathematics and love problem solving. So, I brought up the Hollow Earth theory and its related evidence and questions. Having an open mind, he looked at it rationally, and asked for some usable data to consider. I gave him the data that Willis Emerson presents in his book the Smokey God, and which you mention in part 1 of your Hollow Earth series at Viewzone, concerning the results of deep plumb line testing to determining the geometric center of the earth, and the fact that they always fail. Either something is wrong with gravity, something is wrong with the solid earth theory, or both.

He thought it would be dismissable on the basis of bad methods or wrong calculations, and spent some time on it himself (with a computer and internet access at his disposal - this was in 1993, when the net was not quite as corrupted as it is now. When he came back to me, he said that according to the the deviation of the plumb-line tests, it not only proves that there is a problem with the solid core model, but it also proves that, even if we are talking about a 1000 mile thick crust, the mass to gravity ratio must be half again what it is currently accepted. Basically, gravity must be upgraded to x1.5 what everyone has been using mathematically. If we had a solid core, and the plumbline tests were accurate geometrically - that is, they line came to rest at dead center and pointed to the true center of the earth (under the assumption that mass is the cause of gravity), then the gravity we experienced on the surface would be even more than that. He was quite astonished by his own findings, and did not really know how to proceed, since that alone changed too many things about the science he knew.

About 6 months after this, I heard it announced on NPR radio that "scientists have revised the actual mathematic quotient of gravity as 1.5 times its formerly accepted value". How this came about I do not know since I am no longer in contact with this person, but I suspect it may have had something to do with his research, and related discussions with former colleagues. News travels fast among today's scientists who, in my friend's estimation, are nothing more than savages hunting relentlessly for some notable achievement that will raise their name higher than the rest of their brethren.

Things like this could be considered advances in Hollow Earth research, or at least interesting. In my estimation they amount to occult knowledge, because we still live in a world of people who have been conditioned to live like animals. It is unfortunate, but true. I have acquired vast quantities of this sort of knowledge in my time, and it has become clear that the best thing that can be done for man is not to teach him to chase these particular leads and demand proof of their truth or falsehood. Things like the Hollow Earth, Giants, the UFO phenomenon, and ghosts are red herrings. Their mystery is symptomatic of ignorance, and the cure for ignorance is a love for knowledge.

If you present a person with a mystery, get them aggravated about it (irritating as you say), and then supply the answer, you wont change anything. They will simply be relieved of the temporary and artificial burden that you brought into their world. The key to changing this situation will be to supply people with the opportunity to obtain and validate the truth for themselves. If people can be guided in a successful discovery, repeatedly, which not only answers questions, but also enriches their existence, you leave them empowered and with a love of knowledge, because obtaining truth is not longer an irritating affair. This is achieved by a different skill set than modern society understands (science), and which was used by the Ancients to acquire their knowledge. The feats of such people are considered impossible by 21st century standards.

You might say its 'easy to just talk like this', but for reasons I'm sure you have considered - people with occult knowledge have a tendency to keep it to themselves, and its because they are no longer irritated. What they should be doing, are in fact responsible for doing, but which they are almost all refusing to do, is to calmly and discreetly assist the world's irritated as a person might water and tend an orchard. Discretion is necessary - to stretch the analogy, you don't water a tree that doesn't need it, nor when the water will accelerate it's infection, nor do you over-water it. But many will benefit from it, and it must be done if we all want to live in this beautiful garden.