The Hollow Earth Theory

By Juan von Trillion

The Ultimate Woowoo

Part 1: Introduction || Part 2: The Shinetist Conspiracy
Part 3: Videos on the Web || Part 4: The Last

In order to continue with this investigation, we are going to take it easy and watch a few (mostly) good videos that are on the web. This is predominantly about perception. Let's look at the different ways.

Stuff They Don't Want You To Know -- Hollow Earth, 4:00

A detached and sober four-minute introduction, part of a series about... well, stuff they don't want you to know. The maker of this clip puts its this way: "Some people believe...", and there is no sneering. Cool.

Mentions cave-systems, Mammoth Cave Kentucky; gravity-issues, Nazi expeditions to Antarctica; Shamans, Tibetans and the Thule Society; Operation Highjump; reverse-engineering of alien artifacts; US recruitment of Nazi personnel through Operation Paperclip; what did the Nazis discover in Antarctica?

This is a cursory introduction for people who have never heard about the different aspects of the Hollow Earth, but it only covers a very small portion of the issues surrounding this theme. A teaser for more. Here is more.

Discover Hollow Earth -- Discovery Channel, 4:29

Uh-ohh, the very disco channel with nothing but the utter truth, you say? The clip, just recently put up again on youtube, is a potpourri of hollow earth topics for those with short attention spans and sloppy thinking. They must have been so embarrassed at very disco entertainment that they pulled it, pretending someone violated some rights or something.

Pre-digested and served with a debunking sauce. The style is, typically, insulting to your intelligence. If it is not, ...never mind. A bit like a big mac made with some weird ideas that some weird people appear to believe -- gulp it down and forget it.

It always escapes these lamestream media clowns, or rather, they pretend that they don't get it, that it is the vast volume of references to an Inner Earth reality that is usually the driving force for people who want to find out more. And not belief. But we know their game now, don't we.

As the saying goes... "The Truth doesn't require you to believe it". Or this quote, it also goes well here:

"The deepest sin against the human mind is to believe things without evidence."

The Hollow Earth: Biggest Cover Up

If you are going to watch only one video, watch this one. It is a well-done introduction into the complexity of the Hollow Earth facts, history and evidence.

The one rare bit of information in it is that the Smithsonian building was commissioned and built to house the artifacts that were to be brought back from an expedition to the North Pole. Presumably, not to house lots of ice cubes. This is no small piece of evidence, and yet again, for a major coverup involving the elite-funded Smithsonian. This in itself is worth an entire article. The Smithsonian has allegedly dumped truckloads of secretly stored "Out Of Place Artifacts" (ooparts) into the Atlantic. Yes, getting rid of evidence would be a good guess. Shall we get into their involvement with the excavations in the Grand Canyon in 1909 and how everything about this incredible find went dead? Probably not yet.

For now, it must be pointed out that such "strange" and unknown facts about, in this case the Smithsonian Institute, throw much light on the reason why many terribly interesting things are not more widely known and discussed.

THE SECRET LAND -- Official Hollywood film about Operation Highjump, 9:23 (excerpt)

The Full movie is over an hour long. A duckumentary (sic) about Operation Highjump, 1947. Starring "Men and Ships of the U.S. Navy".

This vintage official film about Operation Highjump in 1947 is not going to spill any beans about any strange things in Antarctica on primetime teevee. Sorry to disappoint. But it shows you beyond any doubt that such an operation did take place, and if you are interested in all the details and the gear, the huskies and the bravery and the logistics and the official footage, here is the full-length version of over an hour:

What exactly happened during the short-lived "Operation Highjump", which was planned as an eight-month affair, though they all returned after only a few weeks. More like an "Operation Lowduck" if you ask me. We will examine this item in more detail in the next part of the Ultimate Woowoo, with the Germans and their Foo Fighters (not woo fighters). You may have noticed by now that there is fun homework to do for the Hollow Earth class -- watching videos. Good ones, pre-selected videos. Ain't life great?

There is a photo that has slipped through the cracks and was published in a book called "Our Violent Universe" by Nigel Calder, first released in England. It comes up in a lecture video that did not make it past the selection process of yours truly.

You know well that anything can be faked, except for the naked truth and a real high... but still, here it is. You saw it here first.

For all of you who have gotten this far into woowooland, congratulations. After watching these videos, you will understand the following:

If there is an inhabited Hollow Earth, you would not know about it as a self-evident fact. You would know it as a fringe idea.

It would be the best-kept secret, and it is not that hard to keep the Hollow Earth a secret. As we explained in part two of this series, the shinetist-priests have always conspired to keep you in the dark, and this is no exception.

The point is this: you can not prove that the Earth is solid. You just can not do it.

So … there are still a few issues which we must investigate with diligence while our wet piano is drying slowly. Stay tuned and stick around for part four.