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By Juan von Trillion

The Ultimate Woowoo

Part 2: The Shinetist Conspiracy

In the first part of this Ultimate Woowoo series, the introduction to the Revisited Hollow Earth Theory, we sort of eeeeeased our way into the subject. There is a good reason for it. If we are not careful, we might fall inside. The Hollow Earth. And that would be totally woowo.

What compels me to take it easy with the coming avalanche of "facts" is the fact that a real deal Hollow Earth, taken and comprehended as a real thing, such as getting exposure on all teevee stations at the same time worldwide, a real "Disclosure"... would be about as shocking and unexpected as ... well, for example, just to grab one out of the hot air, as shocking as the entire world cabal of psychopaths and sociopaths in central banking, government, military, pharmaceutical, monsantical, flucreational, vaccineprospering, pedophiliacal, satanish, religiosick, in a word, the shinetist establishment and its lesser-known controlling agents of unnamed societies, lodges, brotherhoods, gangs and families - would decide to commit collective suicide by throwing themselves behind a train. They would probably miss, too, or claim it later in a masonic court.

You just know it wouldn't happen. And among them, some would say "you go first, I follow later".

There you have another example of why you should never tune a wet piano. Better to let it dry thoroughly, give it a good retuning, and then play your final chord. Just why am I not writing about this in the "usual way"? Because this is too big of a subject to just file away under mere woowoo. We need to dissolve some boundaries and rattle some cages. We "solve" the mystery like, like ... Inspector Clouseau (snap fingers). Or something like it.

Mr. Woo's Holistic Detective Agency will handle this.

I want to give this study about the Hollow Earth a different direction from the well-established presentations elsewhere of the many strange facts about it. We will get to that, but until then, we sprinkle the concepts and side issues around, before the hard facts start raining down hard.

Now, Where Were We, Mr. Woo?

For the continuation of this Hollow Earth series, we are going to up the ante. In the introduction, we agreed to saddle the horse the wrong way and gallop right into the crowd of naysayers, flat-earthers and skeptics.

This time around, we are going to burn those who back then burned the round-earthers at the stake. We've got heat and there's going to be blisters. The gloves are off, and so we cheerfully tie the priests and shinetists* to a pole and set them on fire, all the while having to listen to their laments, wild claims of privilege, lame intents at rather late apologies and insistence on the peer-review process. Exactly what we expected.

[* a shinetist is a so-called scientist who polishes his shit and shines his ass]

This series will necessarily have to deal with (regrettably) huge side issues. Some of which can be summed up as:

"The ongoing suppression of facts and the applications of entirely woowoo concepts to technology, such as electro-gravitics or what you morons call "free energy" and flying saucers, all the while you thought the digital wristwatch, or the iPad, was a pretty neat idea "

In other words, just why you feel that you are being treated like a dumb child, sorry kids, nothing personal. These relevant side issues will have to be dealt with somewhere and somehow. In the case that the Hollow Earth turns out to be a complete and 100% proven bullshit idea, there is still this monster pink elephant standing around in your badly furnished apartment. And if it is not bullshit, then this side issue of mass mind control on all levels explains better than anything else just why you have a really hard time to accept the idea that the planets and the Earth are hollow as real, true and beautiful.

A vintage German Flugscheibe, with pedantic report labelled "Secret" -- it's not Audi, but "Vorsprung Durch Technik" it is

I am not saying that this is easy for me. It may not feel like it for you, but I do take the matter "seriously", and I also try to never loose my sense of humor. Sooner or later I might have to decide for myself what the truth most likely seems to look like with this Hollow Earth thing. But then, if I make up my mind, I might be making up something. So far, I have not made up my mind and I can live with this lack of closure. I have really no problem with it.

There is no rush to conclusions while we are still presenting the issues. This is working like a temporary model that is being expanded and known better in the process. The model of the Hollow Earth still must stand several tests of logic, and several concepts need to be brought to the rational dissecting table and be checked against each other. The same applies to the Solid Earth model, by the way.

So, this is a work in progress. I share the process with you, the reader. You can not really participate in it actively because it is my show, but you also have no idea beforehand what the outcome is going to be, because I don't have an idea. I am neither a proponent nor a debunker.

A rather woowoo sculpture at the Vatican

Ultimately, this is not about whether a Hollow Earth and Hollow Planets can be proven to be true or not. Because by the end of this Hollow Earth series you might still not have the ultimate answer to the ultimate woowoo. But you may have learned something about other realms of this mystery, that of being human -- and giving a hoot.

There is always the possibility that we have to retract from the Hollow Earth and get back on traditional solid ground (including solid mantle and core), so we better not burn all the shinetists all the way to a crisp, not just yet. If they happen to be right, these mainstreamers who decide which hypothesis is presented as the ultimate truth to the unwashed masses, then the vast body of evidence for hollow planets has really been very cleverly presented, hoaxed, and has fooled a few of us who tried to check it out. And we humbly retreat and admit that "certain stuff" happens. But the shinetists still can't have back their peer-review process, that one is burnt beyond recognition.

And while we are talking about heat ... manmade global warming, or MGW, has something to do with it. Smells burnt in here. MGW may now, and quite rightfully so, be called "Manmade Global Fact Burning". That tortoise with a pronounced limp actually escaped them. Thanks, it was very telling. What a great snafu (= situation normal - all f#$%ed up".

Manmade Global Warming in perspective

The Copenhagen 2009 Climate/Checkmate Summit featuring Barry Soetoro and the Norway Spiral as the main sideshows was about to cheerfully levvy global carbon taxes on carbon-based lifeforms already paying (illegal) taxes to a criminal cartel like there was no tomorrow.

The sound of five Muppets clapping

But there is one. The same future as the definition for meditation:

"It's not what you think"

In this series, you will find several instances where we seem to digress into lateral areas and side issues. Meaning, I digress, but I take you with me for the ride. This is entirely necessary in order to somehow make it out of the woowoo corner, as none of these hollow arguments and facts seem to stick. It it most certainly not a lack of respect for you. Since we have already said bye-bye to all those readers who got to the wrong website and/or wrong article (this one), we can relax and breathe deeply.

The morons have left the building.

You see, the problem is, among other problems with humans, that you can not get most people to just shut up and listen and pay attention for five minutes. They start arguing from the get-go as if there was money to be made just by arguing. They must have watched too much teevee and their brains are mushy-mush or something. Are they afraid that if their mouths stop moving then their brains might start working? What kind of a discussion is that?

Some Ultimate True Lies

Here are examples of a few shience tricks, since you asked for them.

  • The origin of humans, and so-called Darwin-ism and evolution being used (mangled, actually) to try to explain it
  • Einstein-ism and Relativity Theory being schlepped around to explain space-time. They don't - and Relativity does not line up with either Quantum Physics or the Bell Non-Locality. Of course they don't admit this. Whatever is totally woowoo in the world of credentialled science is simply put at the bottom of the stack. Ignored. Silly little dances go on around these woowoo questions in case you insist on getting an answer.
  • The Federal Reserve. It is not federal but private, it has no reserves but prints money out of thin air. It is not part of your USofA government, but an independent entity owned mostly by non-US citizens. Since 1913. Same people who ripped off Nicola Tesla.

One more?

The origin of petroleum is not what you have been told. It is not based on dead forests, dinosaurs and plankton that got turned into black goo that burns and costs a lot. Petroleum is formed in the depths of the Earth's underbelly, where sufficient heat and pressure exists to cause the chemical process, and it seeps up from there (remember, it is lighter than water. It is not a non-renewable resource that can be priced like any (artificially) scarce commodity. "Peak Oil" is complete bullsh*t.

Neptune's south polar hot spot

We will not run out of oil, but we will run out of patience if we do not start fighting back against the outrageous lies that surround our average views of the world. How about fluoride in your water "to protect your teeth"? How about natural cures (and prevention) for cancer, like Vitamin B-17? What about that yellowcake? What about this and that illegal war? What about the UFO's and them aliens? How about all of this? WTF (where's the facts)?

You get the idea: you are being fooled whichever way you care to look. By shinetist whores, in the case of "cold & hard facts", and by the mediapropagation of politicians and assorted "people of authority" run by the social engineers, in the case of the warm & soft facts.

Yes, it is rather pathetic.

The biggest problem I see, and this is just my personal take, is the fact that once you start realizing that you have been had, you loose your apparently firm ground under your feet. And we all need to stand somewhere, don't we? It is much more convenient for the inherently lazybum human to just call the messengers of these facts subversives, loonies, conspiracy nuts, amateurs, and worse.

The Facts, For Those Who Care

This is what David Pratt replied to a reader's email. My kinda guy.

Date: 24 Nov 2007

Dear [...], You're saying that the "potentially valuable information" on my website will become "totally uninteresting" and the work of a "charlatan" unless I've been to a university? I like your sense of humour. I have university qualifications in modern languages, translation, and technical sciences. But I regard this as irrelevant, because I think that what anybody says or writes should be judged on its intrinsic merits. Many of my articles are about fundamental differences of opinion between scientists with equally excellent credentials in a particular field. So a university education does not preclude serious errors, even in one's own specialism. I'm also a great believer in self-education.


David Pratt

Here are David's Resource Pages about the Hollow Earth.

And here is a good blog if you are a lazy-bum human:

See you next time for more piano tuning.

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