The Hollow Earth Theory

By Juan von Trillion

The Ultimate Woowoo

Part 1: Introduction || Part 2: The Shinetist Conspiracy
Part 3: Videos on the Web || Part 4: The Last


One concept, and potential bombshell of a game changer, has always stood out. It did so by stealth. Hollow Earth just pretended to be another loony idea that, you know, some people just seem to get a kick out of. Only after looking at it in detail and absorbing the available information did I realize how much it actually means. Would mean. Apparently, does mean. And it can only be true or false. There is no middle ground, only hollow ground or solid ground.

The range of the implications of the earth being hollow are important. Hugely, massively (pun) important. They go as far as explaining dozens of anomalies that surround us. All freaking kinds of parallel, alternative, weird and conspiratorial ideas. In a word: woowoo ideas. Ideas which are becoming mainstream, and not that it matters what a majority of any kind thinks or what opinions it holds. The masses are dark (doesn't) matter in the larger scheme of things.

This first part about the Ultimate Woowoo intends to synthesize as much as possible what one has to look at and know about to get a basic idea. There is also an emphasis on visual evidence in this introduction to the Hollow Earth.

Below is a four-minute video with a collection of images-only (with music) related to Hollow Earth. You see so many strange images that you may want to stop the video repeatedly. But we will get to most of the weirdness further into this article anyway, in upcoming additional parts. Look at this video as a visual introduction to the Hollow Earth.

I can tell you right away, this is going to be a little irritating. Why? Because while sifting through a lot of material, and trying to condense it into one conveniently-sized article, it became larger and larger. And the chances for a manageable, readable article became smaller and smaller.

They say something to the effect that the more far-out a claim, the more solid the evidence for it has to be. In one sentence: "Solid Evidence for the Hollow Earth, please!"

Below is a series of still images from the NASA video, which is the aurora australis of the south pole, overlaid on the "Blue Marble" image of Earth. If you can zoom into your desktop, now would be a good moment to do it.

[Above: NASA IMAGE satellite, 2005: Aurora Australis, From the NASA website: "The IMAGE observations of the aurora are overlaid onto NASA's satellite-based Blue Marble image. Imager for Magnetopause-to-Aurora Global Exploration (IMAGE) satellite launched in 2000."]

The Ultimate Irritating Mystery -- And (this takes the biscuit) It Is Growing

With the Hollow Earth thing, there is just so much data in so many different disciplines that most people who get into this in a serious way either try to write a book about it, or actually get around to write and publish one. Several articles out there on the web touch on the main points, and they are all on the rather long side. You can fill a small library with books about the subject. So, take it from me: there is no short and conveniently catchy way to present the evidence for the Hollow Earth. Less so if you add the fact that the Earth is hollow and it is growing. That's right. We have a hollow and expanding Earth under our feet. Apparently. Yes, it is yet another deeply irritating mystery. Sorry for the cognitive dissonance, I am still tuning my wet piano.

Several authors have done a thorough job at combing through the evidence. Just as an example, one writer and researcher has a bibliography of some 50 arctic expedition books in his piece of 450 pages, and he gives these most diverse and astounding anomalies a cold and hard look. This author, Marshall B. Gardner, sent a copy of "A Journey to the Earth's Interior, Or Have the Poles Really Been Discovered?" to the US government in 1920 and challenged them to refute it. The Feds haven't gotten around to it yet, and it was a few decades ago. The bell rang a long time ago if you ask me.

One single article with most of the points that indicate that our earth is hollow ... that sounds a lot easier than it is done. You end up writing a freaking book, or an endless piece of an article that you, the reader, might not have time for right now, while I don't get paid for it right now, actually, ever.

The Ultimate Heresy

So here is the solution: we saddle the horse the wrong way. We just assume for ten minutes that the earth and all planets are obviously hollow in nature, and inhabited, at least in the case of Earth. We then deliver the evidence and documented observations as proof to those asking for this proof that the Earth is in fact a hollow sphere. And not a nice, solid, slightly flattened sphere around a progressively cooling liquid core. Or flat.

One more thing before we get into the subject for real. If it is true that the earth is a hollow sphere, and inhabited by beings who are by all accounts much superior to us, then it means that the implications are staggering. It is hard tothink of bigger implications than the Hollow Earth. It changes everything. It is the biggest and most direct game-changer I could find in the field of alternative science. It is like coming around a corner and there you see Bugs Bunny, Santa Claus and the Pink Panther playing poker. Looks like they did not tell you something important. Very irritating.

It would also mean that the Hollow Earth is the best-kept secret of all the many well-kept secrets that are kept somewhere. In the woowoo corner, for example. The totally bananas wing. Where they keep those flat-earthers.

So here we go, hurry up and wait and, eventually, there you are.

The ultimate woowoo idea, only a few centuries ago, was that the earth was a sphere. You know, a roundish thing, a big marble in space, made of mostly rock. It was, of course, a flat surface, as everybody could check out for himself, with the oceans around the land masses ending a seaman's (already tough) life in a free-fall into the abyss.

It is said that those keeping the real shape of the world a secret did so because it was good for business, and it kept curiosity in check. Good for certain business, and a check on inconvenient curiosity. This way, insisting that the earth was flat, nobody knew where the highway was, and kept plodding along country dirt roads. Physically, mentally and spiritually.

The Ultimate Secret

This Hollow Earth thing is the best-kept secret of them all. If it is not true, it is not a secret. Aliens by the dozens who are milking us and mixing with us genetically is absolutely mainstream when compared to the Hollow Earth. But only the inclusion of not-yet-mainstream cosmology like the Quantum Vacuum, the Electric (nature of the) Universe, the fact that gravity is not at all explained, and a good dose of pattern recognition eases the way into the Hollow Earth "zone".

Actually, if you stack the two against each other, which model explains the observations a lot better than the other, the clear winner is: Hollow Planets. Including our Earth. It will take some time to explain it all, which is why there is some space reserved for more parts of this article.

Fast forward to 2010, where the proverbial woo woo topic, one that causes your otherwise still somewhat presentable reputation to make a big sucking sound, is the Hollow Earth gig. It is definitely on top of the list. The concept that the earth is a shell, a couple of hundred miles thick, with two polar openings that connect inner and outer surfaces, an inner sun and ... check this out ... intelligent life. Really intelligent life, not like us pack-hunting, weapon- wielding primates with an inferiority complex, but really cool, intelligent life that, in a word, knows how to have a good party at the right times.

Yes, of course they live inside and know how to get out quickly, too. Through the polar openings, for example. Those got them going about these cool flying discs, and the rotating fields helped, too.

Let this roll around in your walnut for a second. It used to be the most freaky concept around, and only seconds ago when measured in earthly civilization's time. All sorts of immediately handy arguments were stoning you before you could even get halfway through the points you wanted to make, back then, about the Earth being round. You were actually burned at the stake, and it was not fun.

Switch back to the Hollow Earth of today. "Woowoo land" you say, "through and through, complete nonsense - impossible - we would know about it - give me a break - they can't keep a secret like this - what about the satellite photos - what about gravity - what about that other thing - are you saying you are wasting your time with this?" ... and so on.

Look at it as the best-kept secret ever - for now. Rumors and even evidence of it abound, but no official statements or photos are shown at school, university, or prime-time teevee. Actually, that is not true. See the case of Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd (US Navy) and many other sober people further down the Hollow Earth path.

The Ultimate "Did You Know That ... Never Mind"

Here is a list of the wide range of evidence which we will now present to the un- believing outer earth visitors who want to know why they have never heard about the Hollow Earth before, and feel that they have been somewhat left out.


  • All planets are spheres, not only the Earth: the Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, the Sun itself
  • Standard planetary formation theories: how were they formed, what made them spin, and still does: completely woowoo
  • A massive planetary body with an incandescent and progressively cooling core would crack into pieces while cooling and shrinking
  • Gaseous planetary bodies like the sun and the large planets of our solar system can not generate a magnetic field; but they all have one
  • All the solar system's outer planets emit more energy than they receive from the sun
  • A spinning planetary body in formation has zero gravity in its center, so mass does accumulate where gravitational and centrifugal forces are balanced within the area of the spinning matter, and that form would be a sphere with openings at the top and bottom, like a hurricane of matter in space - not as a solid body with a solid center (the center has zero gravity)
  • If planets were formed from cosmic dust which started to condense into a body like Earth, then the angular momentum would still continue to increase, which it doesn't - the earth's spin is steady, not slowing down or speeding up
  • Larger planets with more mass should spin more slowly than smaller planets with less mass - but they don't: the largest, Jupiter, spins a lot faster (once every 10 hours) than Mercury, which is just a tiny fraction the size of Jupiter and needs 58 Earth days for one spin around its axis

General Observations

  • Both Earth and Moon ring hollow for hours after struck with meteorites, as measured by seismic stations on Earth and on the Moon
  • Earthquakes do not occur deeper than 450 miles, but down there, the supposedly molten magma would not create and release friction via earthquakes - a viscous or molten mass equalizes tension, it does not accumulate tension because it is flexible
  • Gravity experiments in mine shafts show that the balls pointing to the center of gravity point away from the center of the Earth, instead of towards it, as measured by the distance at the top and bottom of two lead balls hanging from very long wires into a mine shaft
  • ... Odd ..." would inspector Clouseau say

Observations at the Earth's poles: welcome to Mr. Woo's pole anomalies

  • The temperature, as one gets past a certain latitude, increases as one approaches the poles, which is not supposed to happen; arctic (and in less cases, antarctic) explorers have reported in their ship's logs to have taken off their climate gear (this was before Goretex)
  • Floating flora and fauna near the northern polar region's ocean: seeds, flowers and trees are found at latitudes where none should be, and they are often very fresh, not decomposed from many months of floating in the ocean currents that might have brought them from far away
  • Spiders, bees, mosquitos, moths and flies were found once past the cold and icy region below the north pole; northern Greenland is the mosquito capital of the world
  • Many bird species in the northern hemisphere migrate north - before winter; birds in the southern hemisphere migrate south in their winter, too - if the poles are the coldest regions, it makes no sense, but flocks of millions of birds like the auk have been observed doing this, and they must have a very good reason
  • Presence of seal, auk, goose, seagull, duck, rabbit, wolf, fox, bear and other large animals at extreme northern latitudes (the exploration of Antarctica is much more scarce compared to Arctic explorers)
  • The origin of icebergs: around the north pole, they are made of frozen sweetwater - not frozen saltwater. There is little if any precipitation of rain or snow (sweetwater) in the polar regions. Saltwater freezes to sea ice at low enough temperatures. There is no supply of sweetwater to explain the existence of icebergs which are hundreds of feet high, up to hundreds of miles long and dozens of miles wide
  • Icebergs around the north pole are colored by red pollen of an unknown plant, as well as dust - a lot of it; including earth material on top of them
  • Massive wave-like or tidal movements in the arctic polar region have been witnessed by many explorers, waves which cracked and moved the ice floes around the explorer's ships in a very, very major way that had their hair stand on end
  • Floating and deposited driftwood (including exotic species) is extremely abundant and sometimes stacked 15 feet/5m high along the coasts in the polar region of Spitzbergen and Greenland, up to 86 degrees latitude north
  • Mammoth, elephant, woolly rhinoceros, hippopotamus, lion and hyena have been found in the ice from the north pole that is also deposited on the coasts of Siberia; entire forests of mammoth ivory have been found there
  • The stomach content of (un)frozen mammoth has been found to contain tropical (undigested) plants that do not occur anywhere in the northen polar region; supposedly, the last time the mammoths were clomping around was during the last Ice Age (not the Pixar animation films 1, 2 or 3), but many were found with their (un)frozen meat good enough to give it to the sled dogs in Siberia for dinner (or late lunch) [Note from the editor: If these mammoths came out of Inner Earth via the huge freshwater rivers that flow outwards and freeze as they pass the northern polar opening, then the theory of a massive crustal shift of the Earth which supposedly transported mammoths who had been peacefully chomping on tropical plants way up north, in two days, causing them to insta-freeze as a result of a polar reversal, has one argument less; see Charles Hapgood, Maurice Cotterell, Patrick Geryl, Clif High and others]

Instrument Anomalies at the Earth's poles

  • Approaching the magnetic pole, the compass needle points down towards the dial - and passing the "horizon", where the surface or Earth curves inward at the poles, like an apple into its center, only much more pronounced - the compass needle starts pointing up, behaving now like a vertical and not a horizontal instrument
  • The magnetic north pole is not a specific point, it is a large area around the geographic north or south poles, which do not exist as solid points on a surface, they are points in empty space; magnetic and geographic poles have a different axis, as you know; the compass stops working in a horizontal plane, and actually indicates the location of a magnetic "pole" over a vast area. You can circle the area around the geographic pole and always get a "north" readingwith the compass. In short, there is no specific point, but an area where magnetic "north" or "south" is shown with a compass

Hollow Earth FAQ: The Questions We Can't Promise To Answer Right Now

Some speculative, fuzzy quantum unlogical and in no way binding answers to the Hollow Earth FAQ. Just to keep it fun on our way out.

  • What about gravity?
    Center of gravity is in the approximate center of the 800-mile thick eggshell of the Earth, and works inside and outside of the planetary shell; the center of gravity is not at, or towards, the center of the Earth
  • What about the inner sun?
    What about it?
  • What about the inner world?
    A huge topic, hang in there for a sneak peak, and prepare to fasten seat belts
  • What about the outer world and the inner world together? WTF?
  • Can one see the openings when getting closer by land or air?
    No, but strange phenomena occur, like "watery skies", the reflections along the lip of the arctic hole where the ocean is reflected by the atmosphere. You would love to see it.
  • Why haven't I heard about this before? I mean, seriously?
    Secrets are best hidden out in the open; the woowoo areas are best
  • I have most if not all the Hollow Earth classic books and websites. Have all these books about all these facts been suppressed, or banned, forgotten, ignored, ridiculed?
  • What about Admiral Byrd's expeditions? Wasn't he in the newspapers?
    Excellent question, he will be focused on. He was indeed on radio and in newspapers, and commanded among other expeditions "Operation High Jump" -- a navy fleet that went after the disappeared German submarines and thousands of German people after world war #2 -- it was to the south pole if I remember correctly
  • What is science saying about this?
    Corporate, private or state "science" that gets loaded into textbooks for indoctrination can not deal with this for reasons that are obvious; this science has the role that the high priests used to have when the earth was flat [Editor's note: and now "it is too late to loose the weight you used to need to throw around" -- Pink Floyd]
  • Why don't I see this on NatGeo, History, Discovery, and other high- quality corporate brainwashing networks?
    I was hoping you would ask
  • Can we see the polar openings from space?
    Absolutely, depending on your exact location and the weather patterns, your security clearance and the effectiveness of the selective memory delete process after you have seen it, please look into this device now
  • Are satellite images of the polar regions censored?
    Of course not. Hey, pigs fly, buddy, some at least ... they fly north before winter, these dumb animals

Epilog to the Hollow Earth Introlog

... And the earth used to be flat. Then, a solid ball, like a magma ball in space with a solid crust. When in fact it is a sphere which rings like a bell for weeks and months when struck by meteorites and earthquakes ... speaking of which ... time to end this introduction. Just in time. Rrrinnnggggggggggggg.




Ok Juan, it took you a little while to make your points.As you say this is a for fun study that leaves us with serious questions to be answered. This is what I think.HOW DOES ANYBODY KNOW!!! Brooks Agnew either believes in a hollow earth or a moltent core.It cant be both. But I know this, I want to see for my self. And then I will know..... :)

Mike S.

A nice fun piece. Ed Cayce said... then The Final Theory showed everything is growin. The Bell... The Brit, The Vat, and the Us... and It is ELectric... The rota, the tora, the 3 dimensional code, someone's in the kitchen with DiNA strummin on the old 4-strand banjo... It does or doesn't matter because of the Course in Miracles. Astral trips are real because anyone who has had one, already know for sure. Walter Russell was right, there is just the One, and for our entertainment, the local spheres are vortices. even the blue ball. But see, "they" are not hiding this from us : "they" in large part, yes even the "top dawgs", do not know as much as we do. They are com-part-mental-ized as we are. Some Germans have experienced some things, yes. Some Israelies, some Americans, some French, some Indian, African, unknown tribes in Brazil. But no one gets to take on all, that would be too much. I remember after reading LaViolettes brilliant book Genesis of the Cosmos, I saw that someone in the east already knew the TAU as he had mapped it scientifically, because the creation drama in correct order and diagram to Torah, Astrology, and Tarot, with the key understanding, had created a guitar multi-effects unit called a Boss ME-70, that I had recently purchased. I was astonished that they had portrayed such understanding in a simple fun instrument. So now we live in a WHORLED, not just a world. DNA light draws a congealed world, and ourselves to play in it. But patience all : I am old. I see now that the story cannot be told to us in this form, because, among other reasons, we do not each live in this body that long. There is only so much time for fascination of this sort, and our current set of senses, including, importantly, the mental functions, has a limited range that is appropriate for the now. That thing about needing to be like a child to see it all for what it is has great validity. Carry on and keep the faith.

Mark Aldridge

Hi there,

Excellent piece. I'm going to look into to this myself as well, but you present a lot of good point and facts. And yes, you are correct about Admiral Byrd and "Operation Highjump". And in my humble opinion, I have always thought Hitler and the boyz were allowed to escape, and they, like the birds, migrated south very quickly. Who knows, maybe they'll get bored in there and want to come out share their new toys with us inferior vermin.

They say back during the Apollo missions during one of the trips they had a very hard landing and did in fact report that the moon rang like a bell for hours.

Keep'em coming, your a good writer and definitely juan in a million!