In this special edition ebook, The Never Ending, Viewzone's own Dan Eden travels around the world exploring ancient petroglyphs that reveal a dire prophecy ending in great news in the troubled days ahead.

Read by a million on the internet, this adventure starts in the frozen tundra of Alaska, where Dan is shown a secret military installation and is briefed by military whistle blowers who warn of a "death ray" weapon that has already caused death and destruction to our atmosphere.

The action then moves to Colorado where some unusual petroglyphs are revealed to be writing in an ancient alphabet and dialect. Dan translates the petroglyphs with a computer program he has written and is shocked at what they reveal.

Almost simultaneously, the same alphabet is uncovered far away in Yemen, at the excavated site of the palace of Queen Sheba. Dan takes an expedition and his laptop computer to the archaeological site and finds that the unknown, ancient language tells an amazing story of the Ark of the Covenant, where it is buried, and predicts the same calamity that was foretold in the Colorado texts. While in Yemen, his expedition witnesses glowing orbs of light and unexplained phenomenon that follow them through the remote desert.

Not stopping there, the story takes Dan to the outback of Australia where the same writing has just been discovered. There, he realizes the full scope of his discovery and how it all ties in with the Alaskan "death ray."

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You won't be able to stop reading this true adventure. Dan's writing style is relaxed yet full of real suspense. It's like he's talking to you. Indeed, you'll see why a million people have already enjoyed this adventure. Plus, this new ebook is complete with photographs of the actual places described in the story.

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The Never Ending was originally published under the title Evil Fire Made To Burn as a paperback.

Nevertheless, Evil Fire is still available in paperback form from and fetches $199 for a new copy and $49.95 for a used copy. Remember, this is for a paperback book!

We mention this so you will understand how rare and important the material in this book is considered by so many people.

The new ebook The Never Ending contains photographs and images of the actual material discussed, including the petroglyphs in Colorado and Australia as well as the writing that was translated on the wall of the palace of Sheba in Yemen.

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