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What Are We Doing To Our Planet?

  A Man-Made Ecological Disaster in Nova Scotia (Canada)

Nova Scotia is known for its extreme tides. The delicate ecosystem uses these tides to flush the rivers with nutrients and to clean them of debris. It's also a special breeding ground for Salmon and the American eel. But when beurocracy and neglect -- and of course money -- decide what's best, nature responds with a vengence!

Read about this ecological disaster that has created a desert of mud and the devoted people who are trying to correct the damage.

  Breakthrough research shows Global Warming is NOT natural!  Samples from deep sediment cores reveal that the current global warming, starting in the mid-20th Century, is not part of the natural cycle. This changes everything.

  Last decade was warmest ever recorded, according to NASA: How does this fit with the global warming scandal, record cold winters? Who to believe now?

  3.1 Earthquake hits Yellowstone Park: Mild tremors in the Yellowstone National Park are not rare. The region, with its geysers, like "Old Faithful," and thermal pools has long been known as an area of geological instability. Despite the lack of a cone-shaped mountain or obvious volcano, scientists now know that almost the entire Yellowstone area is an enormous caldera.

There is ample evidence of huge volcanic explosions from the Yellowstone volcano in the past. Ash deposits reveal the eruptions happen with some periodicity and note the last catastrophic explosion was just 70,000 years ago. According to these geologic records, we are long overdue for the next "big one."

  Depleted Uranium continues to cause birth defects and death in Iraq The irresponsible acts of War continue to poison the planet.

Super Cargo Ships = Super Polluters Just 16 of these huge cargo ships causes the same poisonous sulphur pollution as all the cars in the world! Yet, no surprise, they are not restricted by any environmental laws from doing it. It's another case of money over mind.

     The Australian Apocalypse

The Dampier Archipelago is a small and seemingly insignificant group of islands off the West Coast of Australia. But it is also the location of some of the oldest records of human art and communication. Written in stone, the petroglyphs on the islands date back to the last ice age! Yet the government allowed these same islands to be used as a storage facility, now containing enough toxic explosives to equal an exchange of nuclear bombs!

What's even more disasterous are the leaking fumes which are destroying the delicate rock art. This is our human heritage -- our human library -- belonging to every human being and it will soon be lost forever. Read what you can do about this before it's too late.

 Our Changing Climate Geographers have projected temperature increases due to greenhouse gas emissions to reach a not-so-chilling conclusion: climate zones will shift and some climates will disappear completely by 2100. Tropical highlands and polar regions may be the first to disappear, and large swaths of the tropics and subtropics will reach even hotter temperatures. The study anticipates large climate changes worldwide.

 Greenland Ice Cap Melting Faster Than Ever  Satellite observations and a state-of-the art regional atmospheric model have independently confirmed that the Greenland ice sheet is losing mass at an accelerating rate, reports a new study in Science.

 Abiotic Oil is Real!  Forget what you've been told about oil coming from ancient plants and dead dinosaurs. New scientific studies show that oil is everywhere, it's made naturally in the Earth's crust and it's renewable. Read it for yourself.

 Is Global Warming Unstoppable?

An interesting look at our culture reveals the many complexities of stopping our pollution of the environment and heating the atmosphere. Even if we are well intentioned... is it a hopeless cause? Some believe it is. What do you think?

 Increase in CO2 Causing Aspen Trees to Thrive!  It's ironic, but there are some species on planet Earth that are benefiting from both climate warming and the increase of carbon dioxide. Certain plants, notable the Aspen trees, are thriving in this new mix of atmospheric gas!