Hi. Every month about 700,000 individuals spend about 24 minutes reading the articles on ViewZone. Most of our readers come through search engines or are linked from other web sites. The site is well respected for its coverage of unusual facts and stories -- but it needs your input.

If you are a writer, or if you want to write, we are accepting stories and articles for future ViewZone updates. Here are some of the facts you will need to know.

  • You will not get paid for the article. We are a not for profit web site so there is no cash. But many writers use this opportunity to link to another web site or to promote a book. In this way, you can use ViewZone's wide exposure for your own benefit.
  • Send your story ideas and outline to tamcuatoi@yahoo.com as text, either pasted into the body of the e-mail or as a MSWord text file. Be sure to put Story Idea in the subject field. We will reply as soon as possible with further details.
  • Once your article is published, it will likely remain accessible for many years. You may add to the content or update the material whenever you wish.
  • Please do not send graphics unless your article or story has been accepted. We will send further details at that time.
We hope to hear from you. Thanks for your interest in ViewZone.

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