Origins of the devil...
in each and every one of us

The archaeological site at Nippur was manned by a diverse group with affiliations to universities all over the globe. When the realization set in and attention was focused on the mounds of debris that had been carelessly dumped in various locations around Nippur, fragments were collected and whisked off to different countries for examination. The small clay fragments had to be carefully pieced together to be read and, often, missing pieces were in collections of other museums and universities. Nevertheless, great progress was being made in assembling several great works that were found duplicated and almost complete. But the nature and content of what was being translated was disturbing.

Ashurbanipal had assembled and translated literature from his own antiquity. How far back in time was "very old" to a king who lived 3000 years ago? Conservative estimates dated many of the written epics to a time before writing, perhaps before 10,000 BC, since they appear to have been composed in a rhythmic verse, to make them easy to memorize. The library thus gives a unique view into man's past. But the library had many surprises.

For over a millennium, about 5000 years ago, there was one dominant and unchanging belief in what we would today call a religion. In this ancient time religion and culture were identical. The leaders and rulers of men were described as being in intimate contact with the "gods," who were collectively known as Anunaki. The growing dictionary of words and meanings that was being compiled by the translations of the Nippur fragments quickly hinted to something extraordinary. That the ancient "gods" took their name from "Anu," meaning heaven, and "ki," which means earth. Literally, they were "those who came from heaven to earth."

A surprising number of poems, stories and historical records told a clear story, without the usual symbolism and metaphoric confusion. The facts were there, on the clay tablets, for everyone to read. But, strangely enough, the translation was conducted in an extremely low-profile manner. Even today, when one thinks of an "ancient" culture, the Egyptians --not the Mesopotamians-- received the interest. The wealth of details and the coherent story of the cuneiform library from Nippur is undoubtedly the most important archaeological discovery ever made, yet it has been successfully buried and is hidden from the public. Why?

Here is what you have not been told. A particular work, called the Enumma Elish, describes the formation of our solar system, from a time when it was much different than it is today. This young system had the earth (called Tiamut) and the moon, as well as a number of our sister planets. The epic tells of a rogue planet which enters the system and disrupts gravity, causing one planet to be pulverized and to form the asteroid belt, while another planet is thrown into an elliptical orbit with a solar year, called a "shar," equal to about 3600 earth years.

This particular epic was believed to have been a basic text that was memorized and copied. It has since been found in other excavated sites in Iraq. It was usually copied on to seven tablets, each tablet read on a specific day, giving origin to the myth that creation took seven days.

A work called the Atra Hasis is perhaps the most shocking. This text describes the Anunaki as originating on this elliptical orbiting planet, called Nibiru. The planet is apparently suffering from some atmospheric degeneration and has sent a team of explorers to Earth in search of a particular metal -- gold. The gold is mined by the "Igigi" who are lower forms of the Anunaki. The Atra Hasis begins where these Igigi are complaining about the difficulties and fatigue that they are having with this physically demanding task.

When the gods instead of man
Did the work, bore the loads,
The gods' load was too great,
The work too hard, the trouble too much,
The great Anunnaki made the Igigi
Carry the workload sevenfold.

When the Igigi asked for relief from their work the leaders of the expedition, An (the father figure and ultimate leader), and his two sons, Enki and Enlil, held a counsel meeting. The text describes this event as if an impending mutiny was possible, but Enki has a brilliant suggestion.
Why are we blaming them?
Their work was too hard, their trouble was too much.
Every day the earth resounded.
The warning signal was loud enough, we kept hearing the noise.
There is [.-pieces missing- ]
Ninhursag the womb-goddess is present
Let her create a mortal man
So that he may bear the yoke
So that he may bear the yoke, the work of Enlil,
Let man bear the load of the gods!
[.-pieces missing-.]
Belet-ili the womb-goddess is present,
Let the womb-goddess create offspring,
And let man bear the load of the gods!"

The story continues with the female gender Anunaki, Ninhursag, creating an altered hybrid by using material from one of the Anunaki and of an earth "beast," primitive man. The Anunaki now had an intelligent worker to do their mining. Soon, these prototype humans ("A-dam" means something like "duplicated" plus "human") were being specifically designed for certain tasks, including a version with small, delicate features that was used as a house servant by the Anunaki.

The Atra Hasis continues to explain that it was this "delicate type," with features more resembling the Anunaki themselves, that attracted the Anunaki to mate with them. And it was these "giants on earth" that were remembered in the book of Genesis.

The book of Genesis has more hints to this earlier epic. Ninhursag, who created the first "smarter humans" was celebrated by the Anunaki and she was given the title of "Nin-ti," or "Lady of life." Since early Hebrew has multiple meanings for the phrase "ti," meaning both "rib" and "life," the creation of Eve by Nin-ti yielded to the errant story of the first woman being created by Adam's rib (hence "the lady of the rib").

So where is the devil while all of this is going on?

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