Grey Aliens: Where are they from?

© By Dan Eden

After the horrific stories of what humans have endured, and continue to endure in abductions, it seems an uphill battle to portray the Greys as benevolent and altruistic. Yet that is what many people believe. Their argument deserves consideration but requires a serious upgrade in our concept of good intentions and wise intervention.

Us and Them

Let's get off planet Earth for a moment and consider the unimaginable vastness of the universe and its possibilities. Countless inhabited planets have evolved with intelligent life capable of technologies and philosophies that are thousands, millions or even billions of years ahead of what we understand. In this scenario we, humans, are part of the mix. We too are aliens.

While an extrateresstrial species visiting our planet must have the prerequisite understanding of the "big picture", we don't yet have this. In fact, we are still debating whether there is life anywhere else. Our experience with other species is limited to our interactions with the human, animal, plant and marine life on Earth, which we have routinely exploited.

Although diverse, the universe appears to have laws and patterns. Undoubtedly, intelligent beings have a pattern of evolution that can be recognized by beings who are familiar with, and have studied, a variety of inhabited worlds. The challenges faced by homo sapiens sapiens are likely not unique and extraterrestrial observers can assess our progress and pitfalls with some objectivity.

One of the "laws" of nature is that progress is the result of trial and error. Error is important -- it is the great teacher. Once burnt, twice as shy. And so the concept of the Prime Directive, as introduced by Roddenberry's Star Trek series, is valid.

This is perhaps the reason Greys do not stop wars, plagues, over population, pollution or famines. Like children, we must learn our lessons the hard way. Their apparent indifference does not justify our perception of evil intent.

But what about the abductions? Can we justify them?

Microcosm and Macrocosm

One of the reasons that the prime directive was instituted was to prevent evolving civilizations from obtaining technologies that outpaced their culture. Giving young children handguns is a recipe for a catastrophe. Our own tribal and warfare culture is experiencing this with the recent discovery of atomic fission.

What is true on Earth is also true in the universe. Unless a civilization has reached some type of peaceful wisdom or moral spirituality, interplanetary travel will bring with it those same unresolved competitive and exploitive traits. We should expect to see these same traits in some of our encounters with extraterrestrial visitors. But again, this pattern should be known and some aliens will likely try to prevent our exploitation.

I guess I am trying to paint a picture of "good" and "bad" encounters that are possible and likely have happened to us in our history. To some aliens we are seen as interesting and potentially good creatures, worthy of respect. To others we are seen as cattle. The nature of the abduction experience can thus be varied.

Greys seem to be both good and bad. This has led some to believe that they are at conflict with themselves. Abductees speak of "service to self" Greys as the bad ones and "service to others" as the good Greys. This apparent split in ideology came about in the 1980s. It is believed that the "service to self" Greys had either threatened or offered technology to the governments and military in return for their unhindered molestation of humanity and that certain "service to others" Greys revolted, forming their own camp.

Zeta Talk

The split in ideologies with Greys happened after Dr. Karla Turner's documentation of the horrific alien abductions. Her descriptions led one to believe that the Greys were custodians or shepherds of human beings, allowing other malevolent aliens to have their way with us. Indeed Greys do appear to be the stewards of the planet. They have apparently been here a long time and have messed with us continuously.

The "service to others" Greys are a more recent phenomenon. These beings supposedly speak through selected humans, giving messages about peace, the environment and planetary change. Unfortunately, their method of communication with the public is distorted by the messengers and is greatly diluted.

A case in point is Nancy Leider [right] who runs a website called and which claims to publish messages (called "nings") from the good Greys, who she calls Zetas. According to her biography:

Nancy became aware of her contactee status in 1993, and the potential for being a communicator of the Zeta message, in the midst of a full life with a family and a full time job. As a contactee, Nancy participated in the hybrid program, and met one of her hybrid children. In preparation for her communicator role, Nancy was given life form introductions and introduced to MJ12 at an early age. Nancy expends her retirement time and money on getting the ZetaTalk message out. Requests for interviews take top priority. She quit a professional job in California in 1999 to move to Wisconsin to walk the talk. Born in Wisconsin, Nancy returned to her grandparent's homestead, where she first met the Zetas in the woods as a young girl. There, she gardens, saves seed, raises chickens, and tries to be an example of how people should prepare for the coming changes. As the ZetaTalk message is threatening to the establishment, who fear the populace will panic, Nancy deals with a lot of flack.

The main theme of the Zetas who communicate with Nancy is that the planet is about to experience a pole shift where the crust of the Earth will slide over the mantle, taking with it the oceans and continents. Initially earthquakes and extreme tsunamis will cull the human population and establish new climates. The Zetas give detailed maps and information on the best places to survive and how to prepare for this imminent change.

The Zetas (Greys) seem intelligent, well versed in science and caring about the human population, but their track record was tarnished when, back in 2003, they had predicted the same events. Many people who followed Nancy's revelations suffered financially and socially as they charged up their credit cards and made life decisions based on the end of the world as we know it.

Roughly a week before the pole shift, Lieder appeared on KROQ radio in Los Angeles, and advised listeners to euthanize their pets in anticipation of the event. When asked if she had done so, she replied that she had, and that "The puppies are in a happy place."

After the 2003 date passed without incident, Lieder said that it was merely a "White Lie ... to fool the establishment," and that to disclose the true date would give those in power enough time to declare martial law and trap people in cities during the shift, leading to their deaths.

Are you confused yet? Like 2003, the current ZetaTalk predictions are intimately mixed with the mysterious planet-x, described by Zecharia Sitchin as nibiru which has entered our solar system on its 3600 year orbit. It is the gravitational pull of this rogue planet that will trigger the pole shift. All this is according to the Zetas with whom Nancy converses on a regular basis.

Here is one of Nancy's videos describing planet-x, courtesy of YouTube:


Zecharia Sitchin denies any connection between his work and Lieder's claims. In 2007, partly in response to Lieder's proclamations, Sitchin published a book, The End of Days, which set the time for the last passing of Nibiru by Earth at 556 BC, which would mean, given the object's supposed 3,600 year orbit, it would return sometime around AD 2900.

Here is another video describing alien visitors to earth:


Recently (December, 2010) the Zetas have been predicting (through Nancy) that the Indonesian tectonic plate is going to slide under the Australian plate, causing a disaster to the entire Pacific rim. Referred to as the "7 of 10 event", this has been predicted to happen before 2011. People who follow Nancy and the Zeta's messages are preparing -- some making dramatic changes in their lives in preparation for this monumental catastrophe which will begin the "end of days" for planet Earth.

As we near the event I cannot help but wonder what will happen if it doesn't happen?. So I asked Nancy about this. I really didn't expect a reply but I got one! So I will give her credit for not hiding from scrutiny, like many false prophets and alleged "contactees."

Nancy is a regular person. She makes no money from what she does and seems to me, at least, to be sincere in her beliefs that the Zetas (Greys) communicate with her. Anyway, here is her response:

I've been involved with the Zetas all my life, and per them was a contactee in past lives too. They and I know each other well. People ask me how I know they are good in their intentions. I respond by asking how they know their mother loves them. There are a thousand ways, but basically, you judge people by their actions. There is more than just words that come across, the message, the concept from the Zetas and my putting English to it. We interact on many fronts, conduct joint missions, negotiate with MJ12 in the past, meet groups of other contactees and plan for the future. I've watched the body of ZetaTalk grow over the past 15 years, since 1995 when it started, been ridiculed in 1995 when there was little evidence of Planet X inbound, and know full well the impact of these words on people's lives.

I am chided by people saying that my message is one of fear, that I am scaring people. My standard statement is: would you fail to warn someone that a Mack truck was bearing down on them, on the highway, because it is a scary message? The outcome is squashed people on the highway or getting the message early and moving out of the way. My focus is not on the adults who change their lives, but on the small children who will despite my attempts to warn the world be left alone, because their parents have either died or more likely gone insane or abandoned them. Imagine a toddler standing over the body of his dead mother, broken arm dangling at his side, crying at the dark night around him.

I myself have been personally impacted by heeding the message. I had a perfect marriage to a soul mate for 20 years, our palm prints identical, our biorhythms so close the charts could be overlaid over each other, and he failed to come to Wisconsin with me when I moved off the San Andreas in 1999. Now divorced for a decade, though neither of us dates. It was not incompatibility that ended the marriage, but his reluctance to be in the middle of a battle, as ZetaTalk is a battle. My description is that I have gone to war and am not coming back. I'm in for the duration and the Zetas expect any human working with them to be as serious about the missions as they are. Shoulder to shoulder, against the forces of ignorance and deliberate disinformation thrown at the public. In my view, those who distort the facts and fail to alert the public are putting that toddler and his mother in harms way, and I feel no sympathy with the cover-up.

In 2003, when we had tracked Planet X inbound since observatory sightings in 2001, I fully expected a passage as the Zetas had predicted. It arrived, on schedule and where the Zetas predicted it would be seen in the evening sky, but did not pass. I had run every credit card my income working as a consultant in the San Francisco area would allow me to hold up to the limit. There I was not yet able to collect social security with a crushing debt load. Yes, I realize that their prediction about the '7 of 10' happening before the end of 2010 could go amuck. But as in 2003 when Planet X was being tracked so clearly on the trajectory the Zetas had given, the signs in Indonesia and S American and now Africa that these first three scenarios along the Earth's equator will occur are so clear. The plates are loosened up, and moving, just as predicted by the Zetas and others in November, 2009.


I'm not sure what we can make of these kinds of interactions. Wikipedia has a list of over 40 alien contactees who have, over the years, given various predictions and information designed to save humanity. So far, the Greys track record has been abysmal. Yet each contactee apparently was sincere and took up the role of messenger with little financial reward. Many were also subjected to great ridicule, nevertheless, it seems they truly believed in the reality of their their abductions and special status.

We can only wonder why Greys -- even good Greys -- would treat their human associates with such disdain. Are they really good? Or is the whole idea about "service to others" just another deception?

Dr. Karla Turner reminds us that the Greys first claimed the abductions were to regenerate their dying species. Later they were to uplift our human species. Now they are sorry for their callous treatment and want to help us escape planetary disaster. Yet the horrific abductions and deception continues.

For now, the answer to the question of their origin remains a mystery. But their new residence is surely our planet. We can only hope that they intend to share this world with us and that they don't have a more sinister agenda.

What are YOUR thoughts on this?




Some observations for you to consider.

A race of beings that is capable of interplanetary travel certainly does not need to continually examine humans, take soil samples or even harvest souls. All of this activity seems to serve another, more sinister purpose -- to terrify some humans while instigating various anti-social behaviors in others. The effects of this can be seen in the deterioration of morality and the materialization of modern culture. Why would anyone want to do this kind of evil?

Recalling human history, the legends of evil-doers like Satan and Lucifer describe the premeditated effort to thwart the continuation of human existence after death -- achieved through a human's cooperation and congruence with the eternal, divine spark of the Creator that resides within. By aborting a human's eternal life, the potential for that being to continue the universal, divine plan is also aborted.

Evil has as its goal the subversion of the Creator's plan as it involves the creatures of the realm. Creating fear, promoting animalistic behavior and retarding spiritual growth are achieved by the abductions and control methods of the Greys, who degrade human civilization at the will of their evil master.

Always remember that each human has been equipped with the ability to commune with the Creator and by doing so can exorcize the powers that aim to rob them of their destiny. Good will always win over evil.

John A.

I've been following the planet-x nibiru thing for almost ten years now. I really believed it for most of that time and here was lots of supporting stuff on the web to keep me company. But then I started to notice that some of the stuff that Nancy was posting on her website just didn't have any foundation in science. As time goes on, her descriptions are more and more out there. The earth wobble is a good example of this right now, but there have been others in the past. I'm not sure why she would do this but I am convinced now that there is no planet-x in our immediate future. Her photos of the planet next to the sun are obviously lens flares. It's so obvious yet hundreds of people continue to believe that this information comes from her zeta alien contacts.

Good article. Please write more about this topic!

Anne G.

Excellent series of articles. I too find Nigel Kerners work compelling. Several points for discussion:

* People need to research Ray Palmer and Richard Shaver. Shaver (who admittedly spent time in an asylum) wrote what he beleived was non-fiction accounts of Deros (detrimental robots) and Teros - the good guys. These two groups were androids left behind by a titanic race that ruled Earth but went underground then left Earth altogether due to the negative effects of solar radiation.

* The Djinn Theory - djinn are a race of beings in mideast mythology who exist somewhere between man and angels. (Think European fairies and elves or elementals such as sylphs) Could the Greys be robotic bodies allowing other less corporeal, inter-dimensional beings access to our world.

* Lastly, Dan, what is your opinion based on your interaction with J.J Hurtak (as outlined in your e-book)?



Hi Dan -- Here is my plotline:

The Greys are clones who self replicate. They have been on this planet for thousands of years. They are a part of the Nibiru cyclic cataclysm process. When the Earth gets whacked by the brown dwarf system, they clean up and remove most evidence of prior human civilizations. This insures a long period of human recovery before civilizations are reinvented. Ever wonder where all the vimanas went to? The big triangle UFOs are probably garbage trucks that clear the planetary stage for the next round.

The Greys and Nibiru form an integrated gatekeeper ( prison ) process. (See Kolbrin scrolls that mention the Children of Darkness showing up after Nibiru leaves.) The process insures that intelligent beings capable of leaving their planet and traveling faster than light speed have sufficient mental, psychic, spiritual and emotional maturity to survive and overcome the gatekeeper process. In addition to formulating technical principles necessary to engineer the propulsion technology, we develop and strengthen our ESP, telekinesis, meditative concentration to defend ourselves against Grey mental manipulation. To do that, we also resolve our emotional immaturity thru engaging in purposed psycho-therapeutic techniques like Gestalt Therapy and Psychodrama.

The Greys are not passive prison guards. While they are successful, they have exploitation objectives they pursue with the primitive remnants of ruined human societies. They use implants and genetic manipulation to create humans that are paranoid, uncreative and lemming like in their behaviors. Corporate media are used to reinforce the behavioral programming. (Just look at all the drug commercials that try to scare the crap out of viewers...)

The Greys focus on human lines of communication and publicized activities, interdicting when someone(s) starts to upset the gatekeeper applecart. Human groups that advocate personal development ( extrasensory, mental and emotional) not just for self improvement but as a means of achieving political freedom have always been clandestinely attacked and dissipated. ( Read about Wilhelm Reich...).

Remember, the evil emperor in Lucas's Star Wars goes after the Jedi because they are the real threat to his domination. If you replace the white guy actor with a bunch of little grey clones and a mini solar system bearing down on us every 3600 years, you end up with the same kind of challenge.

Anyway, that is the plotline. Its all fiction of course. Makes for a nice story or movie script.

No need for anyone reading to get riled up...