Haints in New York. An encounter on a hunting trip.

 Demons Among Us. A strange true story from Tennessee.

 The 400 MPH Fly. A new perspective on flying.

 Star Trek: The Trailer Home. A reportedly true story about a young William Schatner in the early days of his Star Trek career.

 The Name in the Coat. A true story about a the famous wizzard's long black coat in the Wizzard or Oz.

 The First Rock n' Roller. A story told by Carl Perkins, the REAL father of rock.

 Subliminal Men's Room. A strange story of a subliminal recording in a McDonald's men's room.

 Abductions In Brooklyn. A summary of alien sightings and abductions from, of all places, Brooklyn, New York.

 Lost Time. The true story of a possible abduction.

 Remote Viewing A Grey Alien. Edmond Meadows attempts to connect with an alien mind.

 Public Enemy #1. No. Not Osama bin Laden! This humorous story comes to us from Los Angeles where anything can, and usually does, happen. It involves chickens and the homeless... you decide.

 Birdwatching Plus. Glen Southworth makes an old past-time mysteriously exciting with his electronic gadgets.

 Chewing Gum Art. Yup. That's right! Seeing is believing.

 Dustwatching. Glenn South defies linear time to look at ordinary things in extraordinary ways.

 Some Like It Dark. Paul Jay Steward seeks his thrills where other men dare not tread.

 America's #1 Haunted House?. deTraci Regula takes you on a private tour.

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