A Summary of Sightings and Abductions in Brooklyn, NY.

Related to Me, Lee Kourelakos, by My Fellow New Yorkers.

In my opinion, the work done by Budd Hopkins, Prof. David Jacobs and Derrell Sims are the best in the field, honorable mention also going to Ted Phillips. Each of these investigators have spent years pursuing this phenomena and between them have conducted perhaps 3,000-4000 interviews and hypnotic regressions with alleged abductees, while Ted Philips has traveled the world to accumulate physical trace evidence of craft landings at about 200+ sites.

Hopkins, Jacobs AND Sims agree on the following points:

There has been a massive, global, intergenerational(for at least the last century), covert intrusion into people;s lives by an extraterrestial and/or interdimentional civilization.

This intrusion takes the form of regular abductions of perhaps tens of thousands of indivuals and, frequently, their family members who are subjected to medical procedures, KGB style psychological consitioning techniques, mind experiments (some of which are beyond our current capabilities) and layering of false memories. Evidence of deliberate physical and mental torture and violence on uncooperative "detainees" to obtain compliance and break the will have been reported here and there. From 10%-30% of alleged abductees retain conscious memories of their experiences, the rest connect with the repressed memories via hypnosis.Also many report encountering human-akien hybrids.

Budd Hopkins (intrudersfoundation.org), investigating this phenomenon for the past 25 Yrs conducts a semi monthly seminar in New York. His most famous case is that of Linda Cortile ("Witnessed: The Brooklyn Bridge Abduction",1991). Miss Cortile was sucked out of the 12th floor window of her apartment building located at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge by a 100 foot(appr) diameter craft with revolving rim lights at about 3 o'clock ib the morning. The event was witnessed by a dozen motorists and a diplomatic mission whose cars and limos had stalled on or near the bridge and by as many as twenty night shift workers at the "New York Post" bldg. Apparently someone on board forgot to flip the invisibility switch. Miss Cortile to this day maintains that along with herself several dozen people in the area were"taken" that night and later returned.

The event was witnessed by a dozen motorists and a diplomatic mission whose cars and limos had stalled on or near the bridge and by as many as twenty night shift workers at the "New York Post" bldg.
Bud Hopkins' position on all of this is that covert abductions are widespread, there appears to be some kind of breeding program going on, harm is done to most abductees but we have no definite proof that the harm is intended, or that there is a sinister agenda. It may just be a misunderstanding on their part.

Professor David Jacobs (ufoabduction.com) is a Professor Emeritus of History at Penn State and has investigated ufo sightings for about fifteen years and alien abductions for another fifteen. He too has interviewed/hypnotised perhaps 1500 abducteed and published his best book, "The Threat" In 1992, and has endured considerable ridicule in academic circles because of his interest.

Dr. Jacibs has encountered all of the above mentioned medical and mental procedures including accounts and evidence (extreme bruises) of applied violence and numerous accounts of some kind of human-alien breeding program with hybrids participating hand in hand with aliens on a more frequent basis.

In addition he has heard more than a few conscious and hypnotically induced accounts of abducteed being trained in various procedures on board the craft, the suggestion being given to them that they would help out in some future truly massive intrusion operation.

He is convinced that the alien "agenda" is of a sinister coopting and destructive nature which bodes ill for all mankind.

His view is that the "alien" society or organization is behind this totalitarian scheme, in the worst kind of way.

The last researcher I will mention is Derrel Sims (alienhunter.org)-- no books published although he did put together a show on national television where implants were surgically removed from an alleged abductee. Mr. Sims has investigated abduction cases for the past 25 years and has a unique reason for doing so: he has conscious memories of being abducted regularly from the age of 4 to 17 years old, and later in his life abductions were perpetrated against his young son which he was powerless to prevent.

Mr. Sims position on alien abductions is "all of the above" plus his adamant position (to me, not the public) that very extreme KGB like measures are used on abductees to obtain compliance. This is the most horrendous aspect of this phenomena but I cannot write more without his permission.

What's disturbing to me is the raw anger I sensed when he related some of his personal experiences and those of others to me. He is no objective observer.

Suffice it to say yjat Mr. Sims is convinced that the "alien" perpetrator behind this ongoing phenomena is the personification, by human standards, of pure self-serving evil.

All three of these investigators have bulging files full of shocking material and unbelieveable revelations. They should, in my opinion, be exposed to a larger audience.

Here I will enumerate UFO related encounters told to me personally. All except one were, to my knowledge, mentally stable.

B. GARDNER, early 70's, 1 PM, Brooklyn, N.Y.(pop.3,000,000):
"Watched a golden glowing orb hovering outside the 6th floor window of a G.E. factory which produced sensitive electronic military parts... watched for several minutes when it winked out while accelerating upward, at a 45 degree angle at tremendous speed.

N. NIKOLLETTE, early 70's, 2 AM, Brooklyn N.Y.:

"[I] was on night shift lunch break with a fellow supervisor,... [We] observed a golden glowing orb hovering about 5 feet from the face of a landmark clock tower...[we] observed it for several minutes when the orb performed a rapid Z like movement and then ascended rapidly at a 45 degree angle.

(NAME UNKNOWN) 1969, 9:30 PM, Brooklyn. N.Y. (Along undeveloped Jamaica Bay):
[details] Driving with his wife in a convertable, top down, aloing Jamaica Bay. The car suddenly stalled. A disc shaped craft emerged from the tree line and marsh reeds... It was about 100 feet in diameter with revolving lights along the rim... it hovered for a few moments, rose slowly then ascended at an angle, slowly gathering speed. (This description is identical to the one described in Bud Hopkins' "Witnessed").

CARMEN BROWN, late 70's, 9 PM, Brooklyn, N.Y.:
Witnessed from kitchen window, a golden glowing orb which moved slowly across the night sky emitting beautiful telepathic music which filled her with an extreme sense of well being...
(Note: During this time frame New York City did not employ police helecopters as is now the case).

ELAINE _____, early 80's, 9 PM, Brooklyn, N.Y.:
While waiting for a bus with another passanger both witnessed a white disc with a purple center hovering in the distance which emitted beautiful telepathic music which created a sense of well being in both women. (The disc was identical to a sighting made in the Amazon by a medical doctor).

DANETTE VARGAS, late 60's, age of 7 yrs.,11 AM Bronx, N.Y. (pop. 2,000,000+):
[details] Home alone while mother worked. Took garbage down to basement and saw round grey colored bald head with large black eyes slowly rise from behind a row of garbage cans. She ran out the nearest exit to the apartment building's courtyard where she witnessed a disc shaped craft hovering silently 2 or 3 feet off the pavement. The craft almost completely occupied the courtyard, indicating a diameter of about 30 feet. Danette ran three blocks to the Armory where she reported this. Three soldiers accompanied her home but found nothing unusual. To this day, Danette becomes extremely agitated when telling this story.

Linda Cortile (in the book "Witnessed" by Hopkins), early 70's, afternoon, Manhattan, N.Y. (pop.2,000,000+):
[related at a recent Hopkins seminar]
As a teenager she witnessed a sparkling, multicolored,irredescent gumdrop shaped object moving rapidly across the tenament rooftops which disappeard when it dropped off the edge of the tenaments.

Eleanore White, late 70's, 8-9 PM, Brooklyn, N.Y.:
"... witnessed a sparkling, irredescent "form" hovering on top of a tenament. Upon being noticed it moved rapidly across the tenemant rooftops and disappeared..."

9. MARLENE_____, age 16, early 80's, 8 PM, Brooklyn, N.Y.:
[details] While sitting on a porch with her girlfriends they both noticed a sparkling, multicolored disc shaped craft hovering over a vacant lot between to buildings about a half a block away. The disc almost completely filled the space between the two buildings, giving it a diameter of about 35 feet.

Suddenly the disc exited from between the buildings and rushed towards the girls, up the deserted street to a distance of about 15 feet which is the last thing Marlene remembers.

Some time later the girls found themselves walking in a confused state about a block away. Marlene remembers that she felt ashamed, as if she had been raped, but did not know why.

Though they were all best friends, they never ever spoke of the incident. And her friend died some years later, riddled with tumors.

LOUIS_____, 1990's, 8:30 PM, Queen, N.Y. (pop. 2,500,000):
While drivinbg on Queens Blvd., a 6-lane thru-way, in heavy traffic, a glowing blue orb, about the size of a Volkswaggen "bug" hurtled up Queens Blvd. above the traffic at a height of about 20-30 feet. It passed over Louis's head and continued along the thru-way until it disappeared into the distance. People in other cars along the thruway saw it too and slammed on their brakes nearly causing a pileup.

(Name withheld), late 70's, 11 PM, Missouri:
While doing sentry duty along the perimeter of an Army base, with another soldier, observed a disc that was changing colors, at an altitude of estimated 1000 feet, moving silently across the sky.

(Name Withheld), former non com Airforce officer, saw duty at the SAC main center, and Plattsburg AFB, Upstate New York, late 1960's:
Claims that he used to pull 4 hour shifts (not sure doing what... maybe security) at the "Big Board", SAC. He claimed that several time a week the "Big Board" would track "fast walkers" streaking across the U.S. -- the fastest one he ever saw was doing something like 50,000 MPH. He said that after each event everyone in the room would be taken, one by one,"downstairs" to be debriefed and sworn to secrecy.

He also claims that he made friends with a Yugoslavian fighter pilot who was part of the liason team to the U.S. and that this Yugoslavian told him. that Yugo pilots (including himself)has in the past given chase to UFOs and some interceptors had been destroyed.

Another claim: While stationed at Plattburg AFB he claims that several times interceptors were sent out over the Atlantic and returned minus a few planes. On such occasions the pilots were debreifed, isolated and then shipped out to distant assignments without being allowed to speak with anyone. He knew most of the pilots personally and when he inquired about one debriefed pilot he was told never to mention his name again.

The Case of Carmen

In 1991 Carmen had recently married her second husband and was between things when a past acquaintance called her, out of the blue, and insisted that she take a very high paying secretarial job at the N.Y. District Attorney's Office in downtown Manhattan. Carmen applied and was instantly accepted.

About a month later Carmen developed a tooth ache and the next day told her supervisor that she would need a day off to see her dentist.

The supervisor told Carmen that the D.A.'s Office had their own dentist and insisted that she go to him.

Within twenty minutes a black chauffeured government car drove Carmen to the offices of Dr. Louis Silverman. The dentist questioned her briefly about the tooth and. with no further questions put her to sleep with gas. She awoke without the toothache and was driven back to work. About a month later she began to hear a voice, male, with a non-descript American accent emanating from the center of her head.

What did the voice say? Here are two examples:

While watching a "Bush for President" TV commercial the voice enumerated a list of reasons why Bush senior would make a bad president. The next day, while waiting to catch the bus for work a well dressed man in his 50's approached her and engaged in conversation, asking her explicit questions about her opinion of Bush senior's suitability to be president. On another occasion while at work, the non-descript voice demanded that she steal a particular criminal case file and then explicitly board a bus and bring it to the offices of a Judge Howard Levine. She did not follow these instructions.

An interesting side effect of this "voice" was that sometimes her right ear would heat up so much that she would soak a dish rag in ice water and stuff it in to her ear. She thought she might be going crazy but did not tell her husband for fear of being committed to a mental hospital.

Not long after this, Carmen awoke one morning with an overwhelming desire to move upsate, which would mean a very long commute. In a matter of days, she and her husband were proceeding upsate when she had an overwhelming urge to stop at a real estate office near Starling, N.Y.

The real estate office offered them a full house, at very cheap rent, not far from a small pad-locked Army base. They got their utilities, including their phone service, turned on . But within a few days there were repairmen working on the telephone poles outside their livingroom, night and day -- although there was no problem with their phones.

It was around this time that Carmen, while alone in the house, happened to scratch her right ear and felt something hard under the fold under the fold along the rim of her ear.

It appeared to be solidly "glued" in place and she broke it off, one small piece at a time.

Each time she broke off a piece she would hear a loud static discharge in the center of her head.She accumulated the pieces which had the appearance of translucent gold tinted glass and later threw them out. Thinking this was too "crazy" she did not want to tell her husband. From that time on, Carmen never heard the "voice" again and never had the sensation of heat in her ear.

The next afternoon, she and her husband drove into a large uncrowded mall parking lot when an unmarked "black helicopter" roared over the top of the mall building and sent down hovering three feet off the ground, about 100 feet in front of their car, directly facing them.

The chopper maintained its position for about a minute then roared off, leaving them in a state of shock. Her husband maintains the chopper was dark brown while Carmen insists it was black.

Two weeks later Carmen was terminated from her job without any reason given. She subsequently files a lawsuit against her employer.

One week before her case was to go to court, Carmen and her husband stopped for diner at a seafood restaurant, out of the state. That same evening Carmen was stricken with spinal menningitis and slipped into a 30 day coma. Because of this, her lawsuit was never heard.

The Case of Dan Pollock

I worked with Dan Pollock, age 35, for about 6 months... He is a very sharp, ambitious, likeable guy: Married to a N.Y.C. female police officer, he has two sons and owns and maintains his own 6 floor apartment building, not far from the Brooklyn waterfront.

One day I began a conversation with, "Have you ever had any strange or unusual experiences?" To which he replied "Have I! My middle name os 'strange.'" After some talk, I got to the 'blackouts/missing time' question and he confided in me the following.

Beginning at age 10 years, he began to suffer from insomnia and when he did sleep he would have nightmares of lying on his back atop his family's peaked roof, staring at the night sky and fearing he would fall off.

Also, beginning age 1o years, he would have blackouts lasting for several hours at a time and during some of these episodes he would be unaccountedaby missing (i.e. his mother and other family members would be unable to locate him.

These episodes were fairly infrequent but over the years they increased in frequency to the point that at the time of this conversation they would happen every couple of months. This put a tremendous strain on his marriage.

He described the most recent event.

He and his best friend decided they were going to polyurethane the kitchen floor and his wife agreed to stay with the kids at her mother's house while they got the job done.

About 6:30 in the evening they poured the polyurethane in a tray and that is the last thing he and his friend remember.

They awoke around 8:00 AM, the next morning, and as he became more alert he noticed the polyurethane in the pan. Neither he nor his friend could account for their actions after 6:30 PM the night before.

He called and visited all the friends and relatives who lived in the area, asking if he had possibly stopped by the night before. But all said 'no.'

His wife said that she had called him at their apartment at 7:30 PM the night before and said that the phone was unanswered and that the message machine had been switched off. She accused him of partying with his friend, which he denied.

Dan has recurring dreams of being strapped to a cold flat hospital bed, freeing himself and trying to fight off restraining attandants.

He confided that he has weird dreams wherein he is peralyzed on a cold hard surface where he was barely able to move his head and could view both his wife and his elderly uncle lying unclothed on white, bare surfaces.

He suffers from bruxism (teeth grinding while asleep) as do his two young sons, both of whom frequently sit up while asleep and converse extensively. They also sleepwalk. Bruxism is a symptom of extreme repressed hostility and is usually prevalent in abductees.

Dan and his family have never been diagnosed with having any kind of mental disorder. Also Dan claims to have exhibited unusual precognitive ability on at least one occasion

I'd like to think that Dan was just telling a tall tale but throughout our conversation he exhibited a great deal of anxiety, fear and a sense of foreboding for the welfare of his family. He was scared.

Also Dan said he has never had an interest in the UFO subject prior to our conversations. When I revealed that my interest in his story was more than just polite curiosity, he clammed up and studiously avoided me thereafter...


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