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The Little Devil's Hole

It was April 14, 1945. As American tanks rolled into the Bavarian town of Waischenfeld they discovered an abandoned landscape -- well almost. A young boy came to greet the soldiers, riding down the road on his bicycle, carrying a white flag. As the troops were setting up their base in the local Steinhuas, the boy told of some frenzied activity he had seen in a local cave called Kleines Teufelschloch (Little Devil's Hole). Since the SS were involved in this curious event, the cave was examined by the Army.

It was obvious that the entrance had been detonated to hide something. That something was a cache of documents -- letters, personnel records, memoranda, orders, maps, official reports -- the most important being files from medical experiments conducted at the Ahnenerbe Institute and in the concentration camps at Natzweiler and Dachau.

The detailed evidence of human biological experiments was quickly applied to the prosecution of war criminals in the subsequent Nuremberg trials. The atrocities of freezing limbs, vivisections and mutilations were meticulously documented by German doctors and proved to be the most useful in obtaining death penalties for those involved. But there were other documents that eventually made their way to the US Military Intelligence, specifically to the attention of Dr. Luther Wilson Greene (Greenbaum), who read, summarized and indexed the files.

"The bulk of Greene's source material was a cache of Ahnenerbe papers, detailing experiments upon prisoners at Dachau, some of which employed hallucinogens such as mescaline. The documents had been hidden in a cave called Kleines Teufelslock, discovered by US troops in April '45 and studied for the next four years by Army intelligence." [source]

Dr. Greene was influential in securing some of the Nazi doctors involved with these mind control experiments through the Rockefeller funded Operation "Paperclip". This secret program which imported hundreds of scientists and doctors from Germany after the war is now acknowledged by the US government. It is largely credited with helping the military make advances in aeronautics, weapon designs and rocketry. The knowledge obtained by Nazi doctors who were involved in human experiments on mind control has never been publicly acknowledged, but these techniques have been utilized by the CIA and military.

Dr. Greene eventually was placed in charge of the Chemical Corps Technical Command at Edgewood, his specialty was psycho-chemicals [source]. He later was made director of the Chemical Warfare (CW) division of the Department of Defense. He convinced the Pentagon that weapons which attacked the enemy's mind -- changing his personality -- were the next frontier in modern warfare.


Washington, December 3, 1955.

From: Director of Central Intelligence Allen W. Dulles

To: Secretary of Defense Wilson

Subject: Research on Psychochemicals

... For the past four years the Central Intelligence Agency has been actively engaged in research on a group of powerful chemicals affecting the human mind called psychochemicals. We have developed extensive professional contacts, experience and a considerable amount of information on many psychochemicals including in particular a material known as LSD. This Agency is continuing its interest in this field, and in the light of its accumulated experience offers its cooperation and assistance to research and development programs which the Department of Defense is considering at this time.

... The Agency became interested in the potential importance of psychochemicals, primarily because of the enthusiasm and foresight of Dr. L. Wilson Greene, Technical Director of the Chemical and Radiological Laboratories at the Army Chemical Center. Dr. Greene's ideas were included in a report written by him in 1949 entitled "Psychochemical Warfare, a New Concept of War".

... Since 1951 this Agency has carried out a program of research which has provided important information on the nature of the abnormal behavior produced by LSD and the way this effect varies with such factors as size of dose, differences in the individual and environment. The behavioral effects of repeated doses given over a long time has been studied.

... This Agency's scientists who have been responsible for this research in psychochemicals have maintained close and effective liaison with various research and development groups in the Department of Defense who are aware of our interest and, in varying degrees, of our progress in psychochemicals. Some of these individuals are:

Dr. L. Wilson Greene, Technical Director, Chemical Corps, Chemical and Radiological Laboratories, Army Chemical Center

Dr. Bruce Dill, Scientific Director, Chemical Corps, Medical Laboratory, Army Chemical Center

Dr. Amendeo Marrazzi, a scientist at the Medical Laboratory, Army Chemical Center

Capt. Clifford P. Phoebus, Chief, Biological Sciences Division, Office of Naval Research

Brig. Gen. Don D. Flickinger, ARDC, U.S.A.F.

Lt. Col. Alexander Batlin, Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Research and Development)

... In addition, this Agency has provided financial support for certain projects in the field of psychochemicals being conducted by the Chemical Corps and by the Office of Naval Research. We have noted with considerable interest the current Department of Defense study of the potential importance of certain psychochemical materials including LSD which is being carried out by the Ad Hoc Study Group on Psychochemicals under the Technical Advisory Panel on CW and BW of the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Research and Development. If our accumulated information, experience and professional contacts can be of any assistance, this Agency gladly offers its co-operation in this program.

Allen W. Dulles



Mind Kontrolle - Ultra

Many Nazi scientists were brought to America following WWII. This was done to prevent advanced knowledge and technology from falling into Russian hands. America would need their skills to confront the new enemy -- Communism.

Under Dr. Greene and his ex-Nazi associates, the DoD's Chemical Warfare resources funded experiments designed to develop alter personalities in adults and children for use in a variety of strategic contexts. The use of civilians as experimental subjects was approved by CIA Chief, Allen Dulles, under Operation Artichoke (Dulles' favorite vegetable). As various mind control methods were refined, the projects took on new names, eventually resulting in the final product: MK-Ultra.

The exact size of the CIA's mind control project is not known, as Dulles himself destroyed the records. But it was big. Different phases of the program were given to private contractors, some outside America, and funded through various "foundations" like "The Cornell Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology".

The truth started to leak out around 1980. About 250 victims of horrific experimentation filed a class action suit against the famous Dr. Ewen Cameron and the Institut Allan in Montréal, alleging that they were subjected to torture and had their minds damaged for experimental purposes. Each was awarded one hundred thousand dollars.

Here's a couple of short videos with testimony from a victim of Dr. Green and MK-Ultra, given in March of 1995 to The President's Advisory Committee on Radiation Experimentation in Washington DC. As it happened, many victims of mind control experiments were also unwittingly used in radiation experiments, also supervised by Dr. Green.

This next one is a must see:

Donald Ewen Cameron

Born in Scotland in 1901, Dr. Cameron was originally trained as a surgeon and soon became involved with neurology and psychiatry in mental hospitals, both in Canada and the US. During WWII, Dr. Cameron served with military intelligence (the OSS). His work with the mentally ill earned Dr. Cameron the title of director for both the Canadian Psychiatric Association and the American Psychiatric Association, and he eventually became president of the World Psychiatric Association. He continued to be an intelligence consultant following WWII. One of his most famous assignments was given to him by Allen Dulles (soon to be Director of the CIA).

Dr. Cameron had developed a new treatment for mental illness which involved wiping the patient's brain clean through the use of drugs and electroshock therapy. He developed a protocol whereby selected memories could be re-established by repetitive stimuli over weeks or months. Changes in personality could thus be programmed into patients at the expense of total amnesia.

This type of brain washing was of interest to the US intelligence and had immediate application in the delicate matter of Rudolph Hess.

Rudolph Hess was a deputy of Adolph Hitler. In 1941 he surprised everyone by flying a small airplane over Scotland and parachuting to a country field, where he was captured by the Allies. There were rumors that he had been sent by Hitler to negotiate a secret peace treaty through the Duke of Hamilton. When he was captured, Hess reportedly said, "Are you friends of the Duke of Hamilton? I have an important message for him."

Hess was on trial in Nuremberg for his war crimes, but the enigma of his solo flight remained unresolved. Dr. Cameron was asked to "debrief" Hess. But this was no ordinary debriefing.

It has been argued that Cameron might have been sent to Nuremberg to help the British intelligence services with a problem concerning the real reasons why Rudolf Hess arrived in Scotland -- perhaps something politically damaging to the Allies. Cameron's task was to remove Hess's memory of past events. This appears to have been successful. In 1946 Hess was unable to recognize his former friends and colleagues such as Hermann Goering, Julius Streicher and Joachim von Ribbentrop. Cameron next job was to provide Hess with a new memory about events dating back to May 1941. That is why Hess was able to provide Major Douglas M. Kelley with a comprehensive account of his trip to Scotland. [source]

In 1953, Dr. Cameron developed "psychic driving" which was based on research documented in files from the "Little Devil's Hole" cave in Bavaria. The military were very interested in brainwashing techniques after witnessing their successful use by the Russians and Koreans. Project Artichoke had already been in the works and now, with the techniques refined, MK-Ultra was instituted, with Dr. Donald Ewen Cameron, as its director.

As it was illegal for the CIA to conduct operations on American soil, Cameron was forced to carry out his experiments at the Allan Memorial Institute in Canada.

MK-Ultra protocol involved three steps. First, the patient was dissociated from reality with drugs such as LSD. Eletroshock therapy was then given, up to 100 times in a few weeks, until the patient had been reduced to a vegetative state. Step two involved long periods of drug induced coma, sometimes lasting months. Step three is where the new alter is formed with tape loops repeating phrases over and over. Certain symbols and triggers are programmed in to the unconscious.

Following "treatment" most patients had no memory of their prior life before entering the hospital. Some had to be taught to speak and walk all over again. Family and friends of their former life were like strangers.

Although amnesia is an undesirable side-effect in normal successful therapy, it is an ideal solution for a variety of espionage tactics. With this brain washing technique, anyone could be programmed to do just about anything -- with no memory or guilt. That's what they wanted.

Donald Ewen Cameron died in 1967.


Decades Later, Dr. Green Re-appears!

Psychologist D. Corydon Hammond, a respected professor and author of many key books and articles on MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder), delivered a speech at the Annual Eastern Regional Conference on Abuse and Multiple Personality on June 25, 1992 that stunned the audience. Commonly known as the "Greenbaum Speech", his weird story of a few of his patients resonated with some of the other therapists, many who were afraid to talk about their own experiences.

***Dr. Green & Satanic Rituals***

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