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By Gary Vey

Has "doomsday" begun already?

The horrific earthquake and nuclear meltdown in Japan has shaken the world. There's a discussion ensuing on the internet that the "2012 Doomsday" has begun. It seems appropriate to write about this, since everything else pales in significance. So we dare to ask, "Has the doomsday finally begun?"

Editor's Note: I know that attention spans on the internet are short. I will therefore tell you that, yes, I believe a kind of doomsday has begun and it is caused by a cyclical interaction between the Earth and the Sun. I will attempt to explain this as best I can later in this article. It's only a theory for you to consider and I strongly advise viewzone readers to do your own research.

In researching this story I considered some of the most popular prophets of doom on the internet. I've written about them before, but I will describe them again for those who are new to this sort of thing.

The "Time Wave" Theory of Doomsday

Terrence McKenna was a genius who focused his vast intellect on the I-Ching (among many other complex issues), an ancient Chinese system for predicting future trends. His "discovery" was that, hidden in the structure of the I-Ching, there was a fractal pattern of time that could describe the events of human civilization in terms of routine and novel life. Routine life was when civilization copes well and makes quick adjustments to their changing world. This is contrasted by novelty, when civilization struggles to cope with unfamiliar circumstances.

McKenna produced a graph that plotted these trends over time. He called this graph the "Time Wave" and he noted that the graph ended in maximum novelty on the traditional doomsday, December 21, 2012.

We first reported about McKenna's Time Wave Theory, in the Spring of 2010 and noted that some pivotal event was predicted to occur in early July when routine life plateaued. This was believed by many to be the "beginning of the end" for humanity. But this never happened. Another significant date was November 11th of that year when the Time Wave dropped sharply, plunging to the depths of novelty. But that also failed to prove significant.

So, in light of the catastrophe in Japan on March 11th, we thought we'd see how the Time Wave plotted this particular disaster -- certainly a novel event for almost everyone in the Pacific area. The chart below shows the Time Wave predictions.

OK. Unless something dramatic happens with the Japanese nuclear meltdown on March 23rd, it's pretty much a bust. Anyone who knows about McKenna will also be aware that he consumed many hallucinogenic substances and wrote extensively about psychedelics. Does that figure in his obvious miscalculations? Maybe. We'll have to see.

Clif High's Web Bot Program

The Web Bot is a computer program that scans the internet and looks for subtle changes in language, how certain words are used, and analyses this information to predict certain trends in our changing human culture. The web bot has been able to predict the future so well that the it has been used by economists and stock traders with a good to excellent rating.

I've written about the web bot for viewzone before. I became interested when the program's designer, Clif High, started applying his linguistic analysis to social phenomenon and natural disasters. Clif publishes a series of quarterly predictions that foretell "doomsday" in some detail.

Clif High has quite a following. But that following dropped precipitously when he linked doomsday to the BP Gulf oil disaster back in 2010, and even more so when his "Israeli Mistake" -- a nuclear disaster resulting from Isreal's raid on the nuclear facilities in Iraq -- didn't happen.

Clif was quiet for a while and many thought he was finished with his predictions. But he had one last bit of future insight up his sleeves -- the "Expanding Earth Theory". It's not a new theory, and it's not Clif's. But he did always mention some linguistic clues about a "Sun disease" that, in hindsight, mesh with this doomsday theory and could save his credibility. Let's take a look.

Something Old & Something New

If you have ever looked at a map of the world, you have undoubtedly noticed that the East coast of South America appears to mimic the shape of the West coast of Africa. This observation was also noticed by German born geophysicists, Alfred Wegener, who proposed that the continents we see today were once connected. His theory (Kontinentalverschiebung) [1] was ridiculed and dismissed for 40 years because no one could imagine how continents could move and essentially plow through the ocean floor's crust.

But in the 1950s a research ship of the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University, conducted a deep sea survey of the Atlantic Ocean's floor and discovered an enormous submerged mountain chain which they named the "Mid-Atlantic Ridge" [2][3][4]. It was later discovered that every ocean contains parts of the same, interconnected mid-ocean ridge system. Although the ridge system runs down the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, the ridge is located away from the center of other oceans.

Close examination of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, and other mid-ocean ridges, revealed that these were formed by cracks in the earth's crust which allowed magma to come to the surface, cool and solidify to become new crust. In fact, core samples of the crust on either side of the ridges showed that it was relatively new and spreading out, away from the ridge. At last, Wegener's plate tectonic theory was accepted!

Subduction Zones?

One of the interesting things about paradigms is that they stubbornly refuse to die. The idea that the Earth had never changed persisted, even though Wegener's plate tectonic theory was the new paradigm. Sure, new crust was being formed in the mid-ocean ridges and this was moving the continents, but the size of the planet wouldn't change-- would it?

[Above: Assuming the planet was the same size as it presently is, the original continent, Pangaea, would have been surrounded by a vast ocean.]

To maintain a planet of the same size, there has to be a method to compensate for the new crust being made in the ridges. To solve this dilemma, scientists theorized that the plates sometimes move under other plates in a process called subduction.

[Above: 1 Mid-ocean ridges can be seen all over the planet, adding about a cubic mile of crust each year. Contrast this to the relatively few and dispersed subduction zones Above: 2 around the globe.]

The map above shows the age of the earth's oceanic crust from newest (red) to oldest (blue).

There is no "direct" proof of subduction. No experimental objects have been placed to measure it and no land masses have ever been oberved moving towards each other. [*] So the question arises: is there an alternate theory? And what does this theory reveal about "doomsday"?

The Expanding Earth Theory -- cycles of doom

Shortly after Wegener's continental drift theory was introduced, many people tried to piece together the continents. Some pieces (like South America and Africa) were an obvious fit, but others did not fit together because of the belief that a vast ocean had to be accommodated in the models. Sam Carey, an Australian, dared to solve the puzzle without an ocean and found that the continents fit together perfectly. Of course, this was in the 1930s at a time when Wegener's theory was still being ridiculed and mocked.

But Carey was on to something big... or small. His solution only worked if the Earth was a fraction of its present size. But it worked perfectly. Check this out:

There is strong evidence that the oceans are a relatively recent addition to planet Earth. All the present ocean floors are geologically young [5]. Present-day continents, such as Australia, were formed about 4.3 billion years ago. In contrast, the geologically oldest seafloor formed only 180 million years ago.

The Plate Tectonic model assumes this is because older oceanic crust has been subducted [6]. For this assumption to be correct, an area equivalent to the Pacific Ocean would have had to be subducted under the Americas since the Jurassic period, with no debris or remnants of older oceanic crust left behind. We just don't see that kind of vigorous subduction taking place anywhere on the planet today.

Biologists have looked at ancient plant and animal fossils to determine which continents and oceans they once inhabited. They concluded that, "The balance of evidence seems to require an expanding earth..." [7].

Carey suggested that an experiment should be conducted to measure the expansion and, in 1986, his suggestion was carried out.

A pair of receivers [A & B below] were set up at different locations on the earth, each looking at the same quasar and listening to its radio emissions.[8] Quasars are radio sources which serve as a universal beacon. Because of the curvature of the Earth, one location (A) was slightly nearer to the quasar signal and so received it first. Using the time delay and a little geometry, the difference in the distance between the two stations and the quasar can be determined. If the same measurements are taken at a later time, when the two receivers are oriented with respect to the quasar as before, if receiver B has moved closer to the quasar, the delay time between them will be less.

Since we know that the distance between the two receivers [A and B] has not changed, evidence of their apparent change in distance from the Quasar [C] must be attributed to the fact that the curvature of the Earth has lessened from expansion. Over a ten year period, experimental results showed an earth expansion of about two centimeters per year (2.0 cm/yr), while the actual surface separation [A and B] remained constant.

This may sound small, but the volume is enormous.

Giraffes and Dinosaurs

If the Earth were the size of Carey's model, 250-million years ago, it would likely have had just 50% of its present gravity. As it grew larger the gravity would increase. Proponents of the Expanding Earth theory are quick to note that this explains some mysteries that have puzzled archaeologists and biologists. It seems that they are at a loss to explain how animals such as dinosaurs could have evolved to be so huge.

Giraffes have a maximum height to which their necks can grow. This is determined by the pull of gravity on the blood in the arteries travelling up to their brains. A height over 17 feet apparently reaches the limits of heart muscles. But dinosaurs were much larger. How did they achieve adequate blood perfusion in their brains?

According to researcher and author, Stephen Hurrell:

"To understand why dinosaurs were so large we need to turn the question of their large size on its head and ask why the animals of today don't grow as large as the dinosaurs.

As any animal becomes larger its mass (and hence its weight) varies in relation to its unit length cubed, while the area (and hence the strength) of its legs varies in relationship to its unit length squared. This mathematical relationship governs the size of all life, so as animals increase in size their strength-to-weight ratio reduces until they reach an upper size limit.

This upper limit is the reason why it is so surprising that dinosaurs were so gigantic. Today's life appears to have reached the maximum size achievable, but life during the dinosaurs' time was much larger. This larger size could be explained if dinosaurs weighed less because gravity was less at that time."[9]

What about that DOOMSDAY?

So if the earth was smaller in the past, and is growing larger every year, how does this figure into the doomsday scenario?

According to Clif High, the reason that Earth grows in size has to do with what's inside of it. He suggests that the core of the planet is not made of molten iron, as the Plate Tectonics theory proposes. Clif considers the new plasma paradigm that is rapidly winning over astrophysicists as the basic substance of the universe -- slowly but surely pushing aside the gravity model to explain how things are made and held together.

Plasma is the fourth state of matter (different from solid, liquid and gas) and it's everywhere in the universe. Plasma has unusual properties that explain how matter is created from pure energy. While we may not yet understand these properties, the existence of matter in the plasma universe is proof that it is so. That same process is supposedly going on inside our planet -- new matter is being created from streaming plasma that comes from our Sun and possibly other sources such as Gamma Ray Bursts [10].

But wait... there's more!

This stream of plasma doesn't just trickle through the solar system. NASA has detected a portal through which our Sun's magnetic field connects directly to Earth's magnetic field about once every eight minutes.[11] While that could account for the average yearly increase in matter, there's something even more significant. Our Sun has cycles of 11,500 to 12,000 years where it ramps up its blasts of plasma, sending huge vollies of energy in the form of Coronal Mass Ejections and flares that rapidly increase the Earth's expansion. [12] And, according to Cliff High, we have just entered one of these cycles.

We've written about this cycle in the past (see The Last Doomsday) in some detail. It's real and based on sound scientific evidence. We'll be writing more about this in our next installment of this series which will discuss the superwave theory developed by Dr. Paul Laviolette.

Our previous speculation was that a powerful solar blast would produce atmospheric disturbances and fry electrical circuits on Earth -- bringing us back to the pre-electric, pioneer days. We failed to see the link between seismic disturbances -- earthquakes, tsunamis and floods -- until Cliff made the Expanding Earth connection. The 9.0 quake in Japan reinforced this link.

Mega-Flares and X-Flares

On March 9th, 2011, the following report was issued in the Earth Changes Newsletter:

"Over the last 48 hours, ten (10) M-Class flares have fired off from at least three separate sunspot regions. Space Shuttle was put on alert and lands safely prior to elevated solar activity ... Forty-eight hours after the first set of flares, a 7.2 mag. earthquake hit Japan setting off a small tsunami. Ten hours later, a series of "straight-line winds" along with several tornadoes hit the southeastern United States."

Then, the next day, this report came from the Space Weather Observatory:

Space Weather News for March 10, 2011

X-CLASS SOLAR FLARE: March 9th ended with a powerful solar flare. Less than an hour before midnight (UT), Earth-orbiting satellites detected an X1.5-class explosion from behemoth sunspot 1166. First-look data suggest that the blast did hurl some material toward Earth. Check for movies of the flare and updates on its possible effects.

Then, on March 11, 2011, the unprecedented 9.0 earthquake hit Japan causing a massive tsunami that killed an estimated 16,000 people. Coincidence?

Pole Shift Madness

For a while here on viewzone we have been hearing from readers who believe that the crust of the Earth will slip around the mantle, re-arranging the continental plates and causing what is curiously referred to as a "pole shift". This is a theory that was put forth by Charles Hapgood (again, we have written about this HERE).

The most popular version of this doomsday scenario has a rogue planet -- planet-X -- entering the solar system and disturbing the gravity of our planet. This prediction features most prominently on Nancy Lieder's website "" and has an international following. Nancy claims to receive her information from grey aliens called "Zetas" who have the star system Zeta Reticuli as their origin and communicate with her telepathically.

While one could spend considerable time debating her predictions, the following information seems to bear witness against her. First, the typical "Grey" alien made popular by Whitley Strieber in his book Communion is not a Zeta. The term "Zeta" originated from the UFO encounter with Betty and Barney Hill back in the 1960s. According to Betty Hill, she was shown a star map of the alien's home planet which she later drew under hypnosis. Analysis of this drawing showed that it was remarkably similar to the star system we call Zeta Reticuli, thus the name. But the aliens that Betty described looked nothing like the big-eyed, grey skinned aliens depicted by Strieber. In fact, Betty was asked outright in an interview if she met the Greys and she emphatically said "No!" Her abductees -- the real Zetas -- were more human like in appearance.

Then there is the problem with planet-X. This has its origins in the rogue planet first described by Zecharia Sitchin in The Twelfth Planet. This wandering giant supposedly has an orbit of 3600 years around our Sun and periodically enters the vicinity of Earth, causing gravity problems and tidal waves. The flood of the Bible and the Sumerian legend of Utnapishtam is supposedly related to one of its more recent passages near our planet. Nancy Lieder relies on this planet -- called "Nibiru" by Sitchin -- to trigger her pole shift doomsday. But before he passed away, Sitchin was asked specifically about Nancy's prediction and whether this planet could be involved in a 2012 doomsday scenario. Sitchin totally distanced himself from her predictions stating that Nibiru was still 1200 years away in its outer orbit.

And lastly, there is the belief that pole shifts have happened in the past, giving credence to the validity of Nancy Lieder's predictions.

As we have discussed in this article, core samples were taken on both sides of the mid-Atlantic ridge to determine the age of the oceanic crust. These samples also revealed the direction of the earth's magnetic field when they were created. These core samples go back millions of years and show that the earth has never had its crust oriented to a different magnetic pole (other than those times when the poles naturally reversed polarity), nor has the Earth's crust ever been displaced by a so-called pole-shift. Totally busted!

We will write more stories about predictions in the coming weeks. For now, it looks like the problems we will encounter -- or are currently already experiencing -- are from our Sun, coupled with our own human ineptness in relying too much on vulnerable technologies.

Please write to viewzone and tell us what YOU think.

Next... Glaactic Core Explosions

We're preparing to present Dr. Paul Laviolette's superwave theory which has a cyclical periodicity of about 12,000 years. This dramatic breakthrough further explains the solar storms we have described in our discussion about the expanding earth. It's very important information that has just recently been subjected to intense scientific scrutiny ... next on viewzone!


Viewzone || Comments || PART 2 CONTINUED


I found this article and theory quite interesting. However, if tectonic subduction does not occur as the author states, then how does he account for formations like the Andes, the Rocky Mountains etc.? The Rockies and coastal BC mountains are littered with fossils from the Pacific Ocean seabed. If the planet was steadily expanding one would expect that any existing mountain ranges would be stretched flat rather than the opposite.




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[2] N. D. Opdyke, et al., "Paleomagnetic study of Antarctic deep-sea cores," Science 154(1966): 349-357.

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[5] Carey 1976, p. 53; Carey 1988, pp. 147, 186; Glikson 1980; Vogel 1984

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[12] Anthony L. Peratt, Fellow, IEEE, John McGovern, Alfred H. Qoyawayma, Life Member, IEEE, Marinus Anthony Van der Sluijs, and Mathias G. Peratt, Member, IEEE, "Characteristics for the Occurrence of a High-Current Z-Pinch Aurora as Recorded in Antiquity Part II: Directionality and Source," IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science, Vol. 35, NO. 4, August 2007.

Viewzone || Comments || PART 2 CONTINUED


Here is another example of a crack in the Earth's crust that took just days to happen! It's from an article on

A crack in the Earth's crust -- which could be the forerunner to a new ocean -- ripped open in just days in 2005, a new study suggests. The opening, located in the Afar region of Ethiopia, presents a unique opportunity for geologists to study how mid-ocean ridges form.

The crack is the surface component of a continental rift forming as the Arabian and African plates drift away from one another. It began to open up in September 2005, when a volcano at the northern end of the rift, called Dabbahu, erupted.

The magma inside the volcano did not reach the surface and erupt as a fountain of lava -- instead, it was diverted into the continental rift underground. The magma cooled into a wedge-shaped "dike" that was then uplifted, rupturing the surface and creating a 500-metre-long, 60-metre-deep crack.

Using sensor data collected by universities in the region, researchers led by Atalay Ayele of Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia reconstructed the sequence of seismic events that led to the crack's formation. They found that a 60-kilometre-long, 8-metre-wide dike of solidified magma formed in the rift, causing the crack, in a matter of days.


Before writing off Terence McKenna and his Time Wave Theory, remember that Christchurch, New Zealand, was hit with two devastating earthquakes between September 2010 and February 2011. Queensland, Australia, also suffered the worst floods in its history at the beginning of 2011, which covered an enormous area (loss of life was relatively low because of sparse population). Cyclone Yasi (another record event) arrived shortly thereafter. The timing might not fit perfectly with McKenna's graph but its not out by much.

Warwick D.

Some allege that the stuxnet controller malware was directed from Israel/US against the Iranian reactor but has escaped into S.E. Asia including Japan. Clif High's prediction [the "Irsaeli Mistake"] may work out in a slightly different way to that envisaged!

Jon T