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by Gary Vey for viewzone

Did the WEB BOT predict the future in 2010?

I first wrote about the Web Bot in 2009 and reported the predictions it made for 2010.

The Web Bot is a computer program -- actually many different programs -- that is alleged to be able to predict future trends and events from analyzing subtle changes in our choice of words to describe various things. Developed by Clif High, his program generates reports called the "Asymmetric Language Trend Analysis".

Back in late 2009, I wrote a story which reported some of the predictions that the Web Bot was making for 2010. I'll show you what was supposed to happen. But first, I'll give you a brief explanation of how the Web Bot works and what to expect from it.


According to Clif High just about everyone has some degree of psychic ability.

We employ a technique based on radical linguistics to reduce extracts from readings of dynamic postings on the internet into an archetypical database. With this database of archtypical language, we calculate the rate of change of the language. The forecasts of the future are derived from these calculations. Our calculations are based on a system of associations between words and numeric values for emotional responses from those words. These 'emotional impact indicators' are also of our own devising. They are attached to a data base of over 300/three hundred thousand words. This data base of linked words/phrases and emotions is our lexicon from which the future forecasting is derived. "

Clif's Web Bot claims it can make predictions weeks -- even years -- in advance. And instead of a vague warning of something bad happening, Clif's program is very specific and uses words and phrases to define what will happen and even how it will affect the population.

First, you have to imagine that the internet is like one big mind, capable of millions and millions of different thoughts. These thoughts are the actual texts of web sites, blogs and chats that are happening around the clock, non-stop. The web bot program trolls the internet looking at certain "seed words" -- nouns -- and then tries to assess the emotional words used to describe these "seeds." It is especially looking for slang, since slang is a term which is derived from personal experience and is usually used to add some emotional content.

Let's use an example. A teenager might call his girlfriend a "babe" or "honey" or even "my bitch." These are emotionally charged words associated with a seed like "girlfriend."

But the program also compares these words to previous words used in the past and seeks out changes. Over time, if one refers to his girlfriend as "my honey" and this changes to "my old lady" then there is a notable change and the program will make note of this for its report. Of course, the web bot doesn't really care about one man's view of his mate -- it samples trends that affect large chunks of the world's population. Something has to be very important to make the Web Bot take notice.

The web bot is not just one program. According to Clif it is made up of 340 executable programs, written in PERL script and C+, which he initially developed to find future trends in the stock market. He says this worked successfully for him until he realized the potentials of the program to predict more important events. He tells a story of how he had invested in Microsoft until the web bot flagged the stock market for a sharp drop and he managed to get out just in time.

The web bot searches everywhere. Web sites and blogs talking about how to make bread or advice on car repairs are better than conspiracy or news web sites because the subtle changes in linguistics are more representative of the average person. They are not manipulated by censorship or worries about offending sponsors or creating excitement or entertainment.

About the predictions...

We should note here that the web bot doesn't predict the future. It predicts what most people will be saying -- what words they will be using -- when they talk about an event in the future, after it has happened.

I feel I can accurately predict what language will be showing up after a particular event in the future, but if that language is distorted or wrong, that's the language that I pick up.

It is as though we're looking through people's eyes in the future as they read the newspapers or whatever about an event. And so whatever it is they're reading is what we pick up -- not the reality of the event.

What was supposed to happen in 2010?

Clif provided the reports in a pdf file on his web site: and charged ten dollars ($10) for a download. The report was an interesting read. Clif tried to put his raw data into a story and used [brackets] to denote the actual slang that his web bot found to describe a particular event. He also was somewhat vague about specific groups or political parties, referring to them as TPTB (The Powers That Be). There were also some apparently made-up words like SpaceGoatFarts which he used to refer to a category of people who know certain things yet keep the knowledge to themselves.

That being said, the picture Clif painted for 2010 was abysmal. Here are some extracts from the original viewzone article, back in 2009:

Disaster and Destruction?

To set the mood, in 2010 the dollar dies, taking along with it the wealth of everyone who didn't invest in gold or some other commodity. It's a huge, depressing event that leaves no one unchanged. Everything starts to wind down. But this is quickly diminished by the next, even worse, thing to happen.

Cliff writes about the Israeli's using a bomb -- perhaps a bunker busting bomb -- on a particular target inside Iran. People will speak of this as the great "Israeli mistake" as the detonation causes an unexpected explosion which spews black smoke, contaminated with some poison that sounds like radiation, that circles the globe. Crops are damaged, wide spread famine ensues and there is a slang for a kind of "death dance" that victims of this poison perform as a result of the excruciating pain they suffer immediately before they die.

Further along in time the surviving people come to learn that certain facts have been kept from them by the TPTB. They realize they have been betrayed by people in whom they gave their votes and trust and their anger grows strong. There are riots and murders as the starving population sacks the government, kills the royalty and lays waste to the Vatican and its secret library. The latter event results in the discovery of the "real history" of humanity which is much different from what we have been told. It involves extraterrestrials who view humans "as laboratory animals" and may have been interested in us for malevolent reasons (It has been suggested they actually eat us to absorb some kind of glandular secretions that get them high).

But wait, there's more!

The Sun begins to enter a "ribbon" of energy that it will traverse for 20 years. Electrical grids are wiped out, the land shakes with enormous earthquakes and civilization is brought to its knees. People hide behind their doors with guns in hand. There are many innocent deaths from innocent people being shot by mistake. The government is powerless and for all practical reasons non-existent. But, despite this, humanity does continue.

  • Oil volcano continues for 19 months. Attempts to stop it earlier fail and it becomes obvious that the well hole has problems which the public were not told about and which result is the problem getting worse, not better. There appears to be some highly toxic substance that is associated with the oil and this becomes the main problem. Eventually it will be the toxic damage to the air that is more urgent that the pollution to the water. The leak is stopped eventually by an earthquake.
  • Other wells burst, even old ones, signifying generalized pressure build up in earth's crust (sept.). Drikning water is contaminated, underground cables and pipelines are destroyed and the infrastructure is seriously injured.
  • Abiotic oil is finally realized to be real and the public accepts this in late Sept. This revelation, however, only makes the oil volcano that much more unstoppable.
  • Vapor from oil/solvent creates roaming lethal clouds, very dense, kill many people. The clouds form low to the ground and accumulate at the base of mountains where people inadvertently drive through them and die. Plant and animal life die as these clouds move across the US.
  • Israeli "mistake" actually happens (July Aug) -- possibly they use bunker buster nuke in Iran -- creating a nuke explosion in Israel which turns their three largest cities to a sea of glass.
  • Diaspora causes thousands of death in chaotic retreat North from Gulf. People literally leave the food on their tables to flee.
  • Many sinkholes appear, including a huge granite building that is "swallowed" in a big city. The city becomes so unstable that it it abandoned.
  • South Pacific floor rises, flooding coastal areas but media describes this as "extreme tide", extreme rainfall floods many places -- even Antarctica.
  • Rolling earthquakes - unusual- like 8+ in magnitude but happen in slow motion over 24 hrs or more. People watch as the land slowly deforms under them.
  • June 28 - soon! - market "shakes" and tumbles. Many people rush to buy silver as faith in the paper money begins to dwindle.
  • Augist 1-12 - "twelve days of torment" for Obama. He makes a decision that will haunt him. Not sure what this is about but the decision becomes a "trigger event" that causes dramatic changes in early 2011.
  • A "mad man laughing" at economic problems enrages the public. He is some powerful person who is feared by many people in The Powers That Be. There are assassinations of TPTB as the public gets disgusted with this elitism.
  • Aliens and hybrids (people with alien genes?) become "sick" from sudden solar changes and begin to age quickly. People notice this despite the media claiming they just are getting older.
  • Hybrids have a special occult-like ceremony/meeting and are zapped (assassinated?) by rays from space.
  • August-Sept, sun continues to have "spasms" making ordinary people blind and mentally ill.
  • Eventually 1.28 billion people will die.

The verdict is in...

Clif said his predictions are twice as accurate as what chance would allow. That means he is wrong half the time. But he quantifies this by saying that the errors are mainly in the specifics of the event. As one stands back and looks at the "big picture" one will see that the general description of the event is more correct.

And let's not forget to say once again that the predictions are for the words that will be used to describe the event after it has occurred. The validity of the words with the actual event is not implied.

What should we do with all these predictions? Well, they would make a good movie. Cliff's website is still up and running and he still issues reports for $10 USD a copy. Screenwriters take notice.

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