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A Monumental Project

Since our tip off and discovery of the "puzzles" in China's Area 51 and the location of an Ionospheric Heater we thought we would next focus on hundreds of square miles of buried cable that stretch across China's wild and inhospitable Northern territory. After hours of scrutinizing Google earth, we understood that the tracks we were seeing were not the random joy-rides of idle troops in "Liberation" trucks. We found evidence that these tracks were from vehicles that were laying underground cables.

This video demonstrates how special vehicles can cut a narrow trench in the earth, lay the cable and then cover the trench as they slowly move over the rough terrain. We suspect that a similar process in involved here.

[Above:] Whether the "antenna" system was designed to transmit or receive, we just do not know. Our best guess is that it somehow collects power from the Earth. But we could be wrong. The approximate measurements are provided. The repeating pattern seems to be the same contemporary antenna design which was previously reported in the HAARP-like facility.

[Above:] Before the cable was laid, the entire area was subject to extensive surveying. Lines and pits can be seen at regular intervals. We have been told that the configuration of 36 pits possibly represent sonic charges (explosives) used to obtain echo sounding of the earth. We have seen these before near oil fields and mining operations.

[Above:] A slightly different, but still repeating pattern. Notice the surveying lines and pits. The labor involved in this project must have been huge. Even so, there are no towns or facilities in the area to sustain a large workforce. How did the Chinese accomplish this?

[Above:] You can easily see that these lines are not merely truck tracks. There is a considerable effort made in connecting the ends of the long lines of cable, as if to close the circuit.

While this could be some kind of huge antenna, our antenna expert, Nathan Cohen, previously told us that the gain of any system is lost when the antenna is close to the ground. In this case, the cables seem to be buried. This leads us to suggest that it is a power system, somehow collecting the Earth's energy -- a dream for Western physicists. It shows how advanced Chinese scientists are.

We have seen these same grids at lower latitudes in China. These gigantic systems are unparalleled in the world and a huge mystery.



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