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The Shape of the Future

In my younger days I was a "HAM" radio operator, K1FJS. My hang out was the 20 meter band. Since we used crystals that were made to a specific frequency, it was easy to make a perfectly tuned antenna with some copper wire. You divided the speed of light (299,792,458 meters per second) by the frequency you wanted to target (in Hz). The result was in meters and you could make your piece of wire by using a quarter of this length.

That being said, the best antenna I ever used was the metal drainpipes and gutters on my family's Cape Cod house. I contacted over 100 countries using this odd configuration and just 50 watts... as long as it didn't rain or get covered by snow. The point here is that antennae have a way of combining their contorted radiating surfaces that can sometimes perform better than a straight piece of wire.

If you've ever broken a cell phone, you have no doubt seen the strange shaped antenna that makes communication between the phone and the tower possible. These oddly shaped conductors are designed by computers and usually can radiate signals on a broad range of frequencies, instead of just one. It's a fairly new technology which only became viable in the last decade -- about the time when your mobile phone became your cell phone.

A pioneer in this field is Nathan Cohen, the inventor and patent holder of fractal antennae. Nathan had his "drainpipe" moment when he fabricated an aluminum foil antenna using a fractal pattern to hide it from his landlord, who prohibited antennae on his property. Nathan was surprised that it worked at all, yet he successfully communicated with another "HAM" operator on the 2 meter band.

[Above left:] An example of a fractal shape being used by HAM operators in square, or "quad" formation. [Right:] The HAARP installation in Gakona, Alaska.

The idea blossomed and today, fractal antenna systems are the cutting edge of radiant communication systems. And this brings us to HAARP -- or I should say, "ionosphere heaters" like HAARP.

Those of us familiar with "dark technology" like HAARP are used to seeing football size antennae farms with hundreds of towers and aluminum dipoles. But that's an era of the past.

Enter the new era:

Something weird, yet familiar, can be found at 43°04'51.75"N/92°48'26.85"E.

First, notice the scale. Those little rectangular things are big trucks.

The staff there must get pretty bored because there is evidence of joy-riding on the tarmac. The "embedded conductors" are used like an obstacle course, leaving signs of tire wear on them -- especially in tight turns. Those illuminated figure "8" shapes are puzzling. We sometimes see truck tracks in them also.

At first we thought this site was a runway. Perhaps it was designed to look that way, but some professional pilots who reviewed these photos noticed several oddities that would appear to discourage that assumption. There are no approach lights, no traces of wheels striking the runway -- and the runway itself is far too small with many obstructions (like the huge saucer shaped thing) to allow all but a light drone to land here... No, it's not a runway. But then, what is it?

Then there are those weird shapes on the "arms" of the structure. They are oddly symmetrical, like the new antennae designs. We ran this by Nathan Cohen and he agreed.

"What it is is two banks of three arrays for two separate bands, and one bank of two arrays for another. You can't tell the operational frequencies from the spacings. The panels are many wavelengths across, but we dont know how many. It is a multiband array antenna farm with flat array panels. If we knew the operational frequencies I could tell you the gain. Not an Arecibo but still not too shabby would be my guess. Could be an imaging radar for satellite monitoring."


The surrounding area reveals no power sources for the complex, but there is reason enough to believe that the works are hidden underground. The nearest village is called "Jiefang" (Liberation) "Kan'erjing" (underground caverns).

The idea of high gain, cutting egde antennae, aiming up towards the ionosphere, seems to imply that this facility is designed for a purpose similar to Alaska's HAARP facility. It's not that far fetched. China has numerous and amazing things that can be seen from studying google-earth. There are cities -- huge and so modern that they look like something out of Star Trek -- that are all empty and far removed from any other civilization. There are thousands of square miles of wind generators, weird Area-51 like places that we reported on back in November 2011.

Take a look. Check it out on google-earth. We have more surprises coming. For now... what do you think this is?


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Body Mind Spirit


Thanks for revealing this. It's obvious that this facility is designed to send/reflect some type of electromagnetic energy into space. I suspect that the focusing effect of the phased array system has been incorporated in this advanced design. This is more support for the theory that it is an ionospheric heater (i.e. like HAARP in Alaska).

That being the case, it seems that many nations are either preparing to use these systems for war, or, maybe even more frightening, that they know something about the collapse of the ionosphere and are acting in a "get ready" mode.

The ionosphere is a fragile layer of our Earth's atmosphere that screens out the ultraviolet radiation, allowing life to function. It is vital to life. It can potentially be depleted by strong extra-terrestrial radiation as we might experience with a strong x-flare or coronal mass ejection.

To restore the ionosphere, it may be possible to activate ionospheric heaters if they are placed around the globe in some configuration that is known to "jump start" this type of energy field. I suspect this research has been done and demonstrated to the degree that these systems were implemented on a global scale. We must look for more. Then we will know.


I was asked to look at these images and to explore the google-earth data. I think your comment about the "joy riding" truck drivers may to wrong. The black stains that you notice may be the result of ionization, attracting impurities in the air, dust etc. The same phenomenon sometimes happens when you have a home air ionizer. The area surrounding this device (walls, linnens) often become darkened by the static charge, which attracts soot.

This further supports the view that this is an antenna system, with pretty high wattage. I note that this entire site seems to have been constructed as far back as 2006. Before that the area is censored. Keep looking for more.


Wow. I've never seen anything as futuristic as this stuff in the US of A. What about those empty cities you wrote about... would love to see them.