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Some possible explanations


Chemtrails... killing us softly

An overview of the current understanding of what chemtrails really are, how they are different from common contrails and reason they may be in our atmosphere.

Dan Eden explores various patents that describing the use of certain chemicals intentionally sprayed in our atmosphere to protect sensitive electronic avionics and lists the analysis of 'debris' collected following the observation of chemtrails in the skies above us.

While this may be the best explanation for chemtrails, it certainly is not the last word and more in-depth research needs to be done.

Chemtrail 'Sunscreen' Taught in Schools


by William Thomas

A is for Apple.

B is for Boy.

C is for Chemtrails.

At least this is what one American father found while paging through his child's science book. "SmT" was astonished to find seventh graders being taught about chemtrails and geo-engineeering their home planet.

Anyone with question about the "spray programs," he now says, "should perhaps just ask their kids."

A Unified Theory of Chemtrails

The author raises the obvious question of why we have never seen an aircraft with spraying equipment attached to it, why no pilot has come forward admitting that he participated in the spraying program and why no whistle-blower has ever confessed to manufacturing or shipping the contents used in the chemtrails.

His theory comes to the conclusion that chemtrails are 'other worldly' and he suggests a motive for their apparent absence in the skies these past few years.

What do YOU think chemtrails are?

Share your stories and insights about chemtrails with readers of viewzone. Are you a pilot? Have you ever experienced ill health following chemtrail spraying? Have you ever collected debris? We'd like to hear from you. Reply to myristicin-at-hotmail-dot-com. Attention: Editor. Thanks.

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