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Water is not simply H2O. In the womb of our mothers, we are co-created in a living cradle of water. Elements manifest alchemically, seemingly out of nowhere, that the mother does not ingest in her diet nor has available to the developing baby. I know researchers that grow precious metals in water using waveforms at certain amplitudes. And then there is the telling of the Spirit that moved across the waters that manifested life on Earth in the beginning. It was obviously not a site-seeing tour.

Many of us have taken water for granted all our lives, and some have wantonly polluted it without regard. Now, as we see the beginning of "water wars" taking place all around the globe, water is not being taken for granted nearly as much. Many are even beginning to see that water is a miraculous substance with the ability to retain information. It remains the focal point in the search for life among the stars ever since my high-school classmate, Roy Hall, won a sholarship and national science-fair award in 1973 when he presented his theories about looking for water on Mars. NASA got a clue.

Since that time, interest has grown regarding water. "Specialty water" has become a major industry. Harvesting drinkable water from the oceans has become a benchmark for corporations seeking the Earth-friendly persona. It is just as my friend Billy Joe Spurlock told me decades ago, "water will be the most valuable substance on Earth". Quality drinking water is already more expensive than crude oil. Billy Joe is one of the worlds top astro-physicists, having worked with Von Braun and Einstein in his younger years. Billy Joe is a "Keeper of The Book", the Ancient history (and science) of the Ancients who lived before the great deluge in MU, Lemuria and Atlantis. He showed me things that forever pushed my envelope beyond conventional thinking.

Today, there are many who are seeking to establish the standard for the ultimate drinking water. I've been seeking out information and doing research ever since Billy Joe told me about water. It seemed like such a natural thing for me to do, something I was destined to do. I first heard of "Willard Water", and many others soon followed over the years. Dr. Emoto gave us stunning images of water molecules to contemplate in awe. It became clearer that water has memory capacity.

In 2001, after my NDE, I was seeking earnestly to find help with my health. A car accident slowed me down so much that it was difficult to speak a sentence. I met Dan Nelson in Montana while living in Paradise Valley. I heard him give a talk at a local gathering. Lots of seekers in Paradise Valley. After the meeting I walked over to a counter where a bottle of this water was sitting. I held my hand over it. I could feel the energy. I bought two 2-liter bottles and took them home. I decided to place one between my legs for the long trip down the valley to my cabin. That was interesting, I thought. I'll save that story for another time.

I then took one of the bottles to Chico Hot Springs to drink while I soaked in the mineral-rich healing waters I had become quite fond of. I finished one bottle in a couple of days. I felt so energized. I also learned to respect it a great deal because the detox going on in my head felt like a chainsaw peeling a grape. Not all that bad, really, it was a persistent dull headache in the entire top half of my head that no head-ache remedy would soothe. It lasted for a few days. It was a sure sign that this water was hydrating me, every cell, not irrigating me and going right through like a rented beer. Later we discovered that spiking good drinking water with The Water, eight ounces per gallon, then later just two per gallon, achieved a good, longer-lasting mix that got the job done. After all, a sixteen ounce bottle now puts off a energy-field 860' away from the bottle.

The motivation to contact Dan and get some idea of what he was doing peaked, and I interviewed Dan Nelson some time later. It was great just to sit in his house. I didn't want to leave, the energy was so invigorating from the cases of water sitting around in his house. After I had assisted him in obtaining parts for his new Virtual Photon Geometric Laser that were precision cut not far from where I lived, I got to see it in action. It wasn't even plugged into the wall. Then I realized that simply putting certain things in motion creates a fractal pattern, and with the use of geometry and mathematical matrix systems, one can even encode information into water. I wondered what was inside that precision-shaped object he called a laser. I could not see any light. He explained that it was in the ultra-violet part of the spectrum.

I began to realise that this water was not just any water, it was The Water. It was becoming legendary. The laser had locked in the encoded information with a powerful, time-reverse, negative spin, and the issues of losing the information in it from being exposed to other dominate energies, like at certain points on the Earth Grid in the mantle was corrected. Crossing them would "knock out" the encoded energies. Dan had managed to put in the fractal waveform patterns of specific unstable isotopes of healthy minerals, and later vitamins. But orthodox academia disbelieves, and has no equipment to even measure these energies.

Thus Hyper-Physics was born, and now it was a challenge to find a way to measure what was going on with The Water to give some kind of evidence besides the mounting numbers of anecdotes that included my own. Even physicists that were intrigued and interested in analysis remain anonymous because of the status quo paradigm still prevading modern academia.

Other respectable researchers were breaking ground, and some had brought forward many new applications with water based on flow dynamics. Even DeVinci had made drawings of the vortices in natural water flow. This was all beginning to be real exciting research for me, but I was anxious to find some other ways to verify what Dan was doing. After my interview with Dan began to gain some attention around the world, a doctor in Europe that specialized in dark-field microscopy looked at human cells in The Water and noted how fast the cells absorbed The Water through the aquaporin (tiny funnel shapes in the cell membrane). He was amazed to see how fast The Water was absorbed by the cells.

Earlier last year some absorption tests were done with some sophisticated equipment in Florida by a couple of physicists with a few intrigued, well-heeled, parties looking on. A sample of typical water was put on the slide with the plant cell specimen, the physicist, who wishes to remain anonyous for now, stepped back and watched with the other onlookers. He said, "its going to take at least an hour or more for this to begin to penetrate the plant cell, so lets put some of this other water on it and see what happens." He put the slide on the device, hit the timer, stepped back, and ten seconds later his eyes got big and he reached up and hit the timer. The Water began to penetrate in ten seconds, and had totally hydrated the plant cell in thirty. This was unheard of, and the test was repeated a few times to eliminate a fluke. Later, in Colorado, a similar test was done with four different kinds of dehydrated meat splices. Along with The Water, nineteen other specialty waters claiming to be setting the standard were tested. Most took ten to fifteen days to rehydrate the cells, a couple taking three to four days. The Water took ten minutes!

The jury is still out for antiquated academia, as they do not even believe that water can even be structured. This was clearified when I was consulting a labeling official in Utah while I was creating the first label for The Water so I could share it as a fundraiser to support my mission working with "Indigo Children". And due to this stigma upon academia, even convinced physicists remain reluctant to provide supporting proof about this amazing discovery. Worse, some officials even want to put chemicals like flouride in drinking water to prevent cavaties. If I want dental care, I'll go to the dentist. Leave the water alone, I say. Taking our health into our own hands appears to be dwindling fast with the latest attempts in legislation.

Even without The Water, one does well to drink adequate amounts of water every day, even though a 55-gallon drum of the typical tap water will not hydrate like The Water. I take my body weight, divide it in half, and convert that to ounces. The sum is what I drink each day, on average, some of that being The Water (drinking eight to twenty-four ounces a day is sufficient). Much depends on the person and conditions. Be careful not to drink too much water, as one person died last year from drinking too much during a fatal prank, and the organs could not handle the over-irrigation. There is a pumping action that occurs between the brain and the stomach, and it is always good for me to drink at least eight to sixteen ounces of water as soon as I wake in the morning. That alone does wonders.

Be aware that The Water, or any bottled drinking water, is not a cure. The body heals itself when the best things are added. Due to the knowledge of alternatives becoming more attractive to health-conscious people over invasive therapies there is a push to make water used for "hydrating" a drug to be controlled by the FDA and the medical establishment. "Dentist-in-a-bottle" is not enough for the controllers.

If nothing else, I hope this article gives you a healthier respect for water, and that you take care in obtaining provisions to maintain an adequate source of quality water for you and yours, maybe even some home water purifying systems would be wise as well. Its heating up here on Earth, and not only specialty water will become an expensive premium, water in general will become a precious substance more and more in the minds of many, and you should be prepared.

What you have learned here about water is just the tip of the iceberg (while they last). Life is going to get more exciting though with the challenges we face, but all is not lost. There is a Divine Plan in the works from the beginning, and what we have seen in the "magic" of water testifies to it.

Burk-Elder: Hale, Third is a mountain guide and healing arts instructor who bases much of his lifestyle on IA's teachings, His Spiritual guidance in the moment, and the wisdom of the Ancients as passed down through the Celtic and Vedic teachings that pre-exist the "organized religion" that began at the time of ancient Babel and later in regions including India with its caste-system.

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