by Gary Vey for Viewzone

After the first part of this story was published in Viewzone, I received information from a reader that the same type of things were photographed near the surface of the Moon by the famous Apollo 13 mission.

As many may recall, this was the mission that suffered an explosion on its way to land on the Moon, causing the astronauts to take the lunar landing vehicle on an unplanned trip around the moon. Those old enough to remember will recall how the entire planet held its breath waiting to hear if the flimsy vehicle, with skin the thickness of a soda can, survived the ordeal. Radio communications were not possible from the "dark side" of the Moon but were re-established once they finished their orbit.

The mission was deemed a technical failure because the crew returned to Earth, failing to land on the Moon. However, during their journey around the Moon, they managed to photograph the surface, taking hundreds of images that were later filed and forgotten as subsequent missions provided more high resolution phootographs. But some photos, as I was to learn, were very interesting.

The frames below were largely disgarded by NASA because of a technical error that made it difficult to map the coordinates from which they were shot.

The images, outlines in red, show a curcular object that was, at first, thought to have been a reflection or lens effect. However, the next frame also contains the same image and shows that the circular artifact maintains its position relative to the geographic features (craters etc.) on the Moon. This negates the idea that it is a lens reflection.


What is interesting about these shapes in that they appear to be very similar to the ones seen in the so-called "Tether Incident." Notice the "slit" on one side of the circular shape and also the fact that they appear to be moving (the blur). Could this be further evidence that we are being observed by some form of life?

Again... what do YOU think?

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Sure look the same to me!

Brian P.