Have I Become "Right Wing?"

Gary Vey (2016)

I've been accused of becoming "Right Wing" in my politics by some of my friends. This surprised no one more than myself, a born Liberal who worked as a social worker for over a decade, helping minorities and the disabled. I still hold these Liberal values, so what's changed then?

Let me tell a story -- one that you can likely relate to if you are old enough. Back when I was in my 20s I took a vacation trip in my VW from Boston, Massachusetts to the coast of Oregon. I travelled through a dozen states, each with their own special scenery, economies and even food. Experiencing this cultural diversity was the "vacation" and one that made me proud of America.

A few years ago I took a similar trip but things were very different. The scenery was the same but the economies and food were not. No matter which highway exit I took on my trip I always encountered a boilerplate gas station, McDonald's and Subway, surrounded by the sameness that has become America. The youth may not understand this, or care, but my gut feeling is that something has been lost -- something special.

Corporate control of our culture has given us cellphones and retail chains but it has taken away our individuality and choice. Corporate control has given us something even greater to worry about - Globalism.

The idea that planet Earth will someday be an atheistic homogenized brown race, ruled by a centrally controlled socialist World Government is something that I accept. If we are to put an end to wars and inequality this appears to be the only viable solution. Throw in some Artificial Intelligence to help the ruling class and you will have your liberal Utopia. But not so fast...

Something in my person, my free will, sees this Utopia as a kind of cultural Zoloft. Life is all about the highs and lows, the struggles and victories, the mistakes and learning from them. I see this projected Utopia as boring and contrary to everything humans have termed "humanity". And so I have personally rejected Globalism.

Now, about being Right Wing... I'm not. I oppose racism, bigotry, the unequal distribution of wealth and I support most Liberal ideas like cultural diversity... but the Globalism agenda seeks to oppose these ideas. Instead, it offers a corporate version of Utopia where the populous is bred and controlled like lab rats to be perfect workers and consumers in a world wide scheme designed by the very same elite who wait in the wings for this end game.

But this dark picture has a crack in the glass, and it isn't Hillary Clinton. There is only one presidential candidate who has risen against the Globalists, and that's obviously Donald Trump.

My support for Trump angers my liberal friends. They despise my enthusiasm for him in a big way. They would rather see the current path continue towards a future of open borders, amnesty for illegals, trade deals that reduce American manufacturing jobs and more government involvement in our lives through give-away programs, making us more and more dependent on the government for our essential needs.

No thanks.

Trump is a big gamble. That's an understatement. But at least he is running for president on a platform of "Americanism NOT Globalism". That sits right with me.

It's perhaps too late to replace that Exit 23 McDonald's Egg McMuffin with Fred's Diner's Breakfast Special ( 3 eggs, any style, steak, home fries on the grill, whole wheat toast with home made jam and unlimited coffee) but we can only hope. If not, take your "human food pellets", dawn your worker uniform and smile for the surveillance camera.



History of a neighboring planet similar to Earth: (A Different Perspective on Globalism)

Advances with neurological implants allowed for complete muscular animation by a computer. This was initially used to help the injured and diseased. At about the same time, biologists were creating rapidly developed clones and chimera to repair and replace organs and other body parts.

Alterations and enhancements in gene expression allowed this civilization to extend their longevity and eliminate most endemic diseases. The newly "evolved" bodies required special nutrients, periodic maintenance and upgrades.

During experiments with animated clones, translocation of perspective consciousness was achieved by a non-cloned individual to an identically cloned body. This technique was perfected with assistance from a more advanced civilization and allowed for the eventual creation and serial incarnation of modified bodies.

A standard body was developed and widely produced. The body required minimal energy such that normal ingestion of nourishment and voiding of wastes was greatly reduced. As there was no need to sexually reproduce there was no anatomical gender. The elimination of reproductive organs and their corresponding hormones greatly improved the new body's efficiency and promoted enhanced mental and emotional stability.

Intelligence was enhanced through interfacing brain implants which served as communication links to each other, provided enhancements to muscular animation and communicated with a multi-nodal information processor that assists in the analysis of various options and their consequences pertaining to social and scientific decisions. Consensus is petitioned collectively and specific actions are promoted through this same interface.

A so-called free energy technology was introduced to this race by another non-terrestrial civilization. With this technology, anti-gravitics and space-time travel were aggressively exploited. The civilization was eventually "invited" to join the cooperative of inhabited worlds and other civilizations. A prerequisite was to form a singular, unified world government capable of representing their species and to eliminate potentially self-destructive tendencies. This great social order was achieved through the intervention of the cooperative, at the invitation of planetary leaders, but was greatly disruptive to the civilization at the time.

Advanced civilizations recognize that unique perspective consciousness is eternal. Early civilizations have transient bodies that cease to function, at which time the perspective consciousness re-engages a new potential "container". Advanced civilizations design and create their biologic containers, allowing for unlimited and uninterrupted habitation. Since there is no sexual procreation, stable populations are regulated and maintained.

Advanced civilizations do not acknowledge a sentient creator but rather understand that the consciousness of the living universe is self-distributed in each living being. Matter is a construct of consciousness regulated by mind. Mind determines awareness of reality while perspective consciousness determines its meaning. Each individual consciousness is part of the singular creative source and serves this source with its awareness and experience of the creation. This is the universal, logical basis for compassion.

Not all technically advanced civilizations are compassionate. Civilizations whose technology even slightly advances their ability to grasp universal truths can and do exploit less advanced worlds. Conflicts also arise among technologically advanced civilizations and, within their realm, the cooperative often intervenes. This service, and protection from astronomical dangers, makes the cooperative relevant to its members.

Really a spot on article/post. I think I've read almost everything you've ever written and I would put this up there in value and importance.

I feel part of the issue is the 'boiling frog' analogy. It goes like this, if you throw a frog into boiling water, it will jump out, but if you just turn up the temperature gradually, the frog will boil. A lot of today's youth never saw the America you did and fewer realize it ever existed.I feel another issue is there's no room for discussion in this world of extremes.

I fear for the future. I was raising the spectre of a conformist society to some friends and spoke reverently of the ancient Greeks who treasured the individual in society. I was told the Greeks stole the culture of Egypt and therefore could not be revered. I explained the Greeks (specifically Herodotus) freely admitted the Egyptian influence in religion and architecture but that you would be hard pressed to find a culture in the ancient world that valued individual rights as much as the Greeks. No one felt that was relevant. Onward to the beige collective.


Well, Mr Vey, in my books you are nothing short of a deluded, anti-Semitic, left wing fascist with an interesting website. But wait on - you can't be all bad! We reach the same conclusion from opposite directions and collide in the middle. Which is as good a reason as any to say "Hail fellow, well met" on the subject of 'Globalism'. My son and I are no longer on speaking terms over this 'apotheosis'.

Any energy creation from this collision among others may yet be demonstrated in early November - we shall see!