Gary Vey here. I own this web site and started it way back in 1994, when the web was just starting to grow beyond AOL. The site has been running but I stopped writing the content a ew years ago, coinciding with what they now call 'Cancel Culture'.

I first experienced this culture when I started getting e-mails demanding that I take down various stories that readers found disagreeable. At first I was polite and invited them to send their critique which I would have gladly posted. Viewzone was after all created with the idea of sharing different 'views' on any number of topics. But the opposition never took me up on the offer - not once.

A few years in to this phenomenon I began to get notices from Google that some of my stories were 'sensitive'. When I inquired what this term meant they explained that anything that was controversial and might upset a reader with a particular view was bad for advertisers and so the pages were demonetized.

I was never dependent upon ad revenue so the disappearance of ad banners on my pages was only annoying in that it destroyed the careful page designs I had made to accommodate them. But as time moved forward the types of stories being censored by Google was puzzling. A story about the birth of Buddha was one they found sensitive, as well as stories about what Jesus may have looked like, accompanied by a Harvard created artists rendering of his face.

But it wasn't just religion that the cancel culture apparently detested. Historian Gene Matlock wrote multiple articles on the possible origin of the Atlantean continent and how he discovered a Turkish and Indian influence in ancient Central American culture. He was axed. So was my expose on how pornography is addicting and ruining marriages and relationships. That was deemed 'too sensitive' for readers and offensive to some advertisers. Go figure.

Soon it became obvious that the current culture was opposed to diverse views. Freedom of press was dead. And so I wrote my last story some years ago ( ) and after that I stopped. It's worth reading and saving as I am not sure how much longer I will keep the site running. I think it was my best effort but this too got canceled by the Google. Read it and explain that to me.

I just turned 70 years old. I live in a new world filled with green and red haired, tattooed Karens and people confused about their gender and race. Thankfully, I married a non-white woman so I can escape being called a racist. I liked the world I grew up in but the future seems like a huge dystopian mess, about to get worse.

I'm out of here. What do YOU think?

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