JULY 4, 2015 ........... DEXTER MISSOURI

Do you believe in UFOs? A Dexter woman does after seeing what she believed to be saucer-like flying objects in the night sky over her home recently. The only problem with her theory is that it was the Fourth of July -- a time for all kinds of objects to be lighting up the skies overhead. Anita Barnes, however, is convinced, as are her mother and her husband, that what they witnessed on the night of the Fourth, did not resemble any fireworks they've ever witnessed.

"It was about 9:30," Barnes explains, "and my husband called in to me to come outside and see what was flying overhead." One of the objects sighted, she said, was what is typically described as a flying saucer, a round lighted object with a sort of outside slope or ring around the middle.

Barnes went inside her home to retrieve her cell phone and was able to take several photos of the sightings, that continued until nearly midnight. Barnes lives on the far west end of West St. Francis Street. Her mother, who lives on Bain Street, witnessed the same sights. Some of the objects, Barnes explained, had colorful lights circling their outer rims. "There were eight at time, one right behind the other," Barnes said.

She said the objects were going in a south to northwestern direction over her house.

"At one point, two of them had come back toward my house. Then they disappeared, and then the single white light saucers just came out of nowhere for hours."

Until the sightings on the Fourth, Barnes noted she was "always kind of negative" regarding the theory of flying saucers and UFOs.

"I was really amazed," she said. "I have never seen anything like what I saw that night. Every time I would see one coming, I'd get my phone and try to get a picture of it. I was very excited."

While most of the photos on Anita Barnes' phone are cloudy and distant, one in particular stands out. The object (pictured on top of this page) shows the image that most describe when describing a UFO -- the bright light and ring around it. Barnes said she has since heard that there were also sightings in the Bernie area, but in part because of the date, didn't report them to any news agency or media outlet.

KENS NOTE: Alien craft love fireworks. It would be natural for these alien people to be curious about these strange lights in the sky.