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C r e a t i n g   L i v e s   W e   L o v e

by Bob Doyle

The techniques to be covered here will work for the fulfillment of any dream or desire you can imagine.

They are certainly not limited to emotional mastery. They involve letting go of the ego and of the analytic mind to give you access to a more powerful and creative aspect of yourself. This is truly a step-by-step process. The more you try to analyze or scrutinize the process, or your own progress, the harder this change will seem to you. Avoid clouding your mind with thoughts other than your primary objective. Follow these steps on a regular basis and you will begin to notice "unexplainable" changes occurring in your life.

1. Be clear on what it is that you want.

So often people say that they want something that, in reality, they don't want. If you are a moody person who mopes around, or projects his feelings in some sort of outward drama, you do this for a reason. In some twisted way, this works for you. You have become comfortable with this way of reacting because you have learned that it is a successful strategy for you. Even if that response is something that causes you ultimate unhappiness, you will continue reacting in the same pattern because "that's just the way you are."

If your desire is to move away from your overly dramatic mindset towards something more carefree and satisfying, you have to REALLY want to give up that old way of being. You will have to enter into these exercises with the mindset (trust) that you truly understand that there IS a better way, and that you want it.

2. Make a commitment to achieve your goal.

Another way to say this is to enter into these exercises with "intent." Having an intention to create a change in your life is much more powerful than simply having a casual desire. An "intent" suggests that you WILL achieve your goal eventually, regardless of what comes up.

Paradoxically, it is equally as important to release any attachment you have to this goal. If you constantly monitor the outcome ("Is it working? Why isn't it working yet? I've GOT to get it! I've got to!"), your mind will be FAR from the silent place it needs to be.

Trust the process. It does work. It is the natural way of things. As previously stated, it could take many more pages than are available here to explain the "science" behind all of this. But, for now, you must trust the experiences of those that have actually done it.

3. Use brain wave synchronization technology to enter into the Creative Silence.

While the Flightwaves CDs were created specifically for the purposes of engaging in exercises like these, there are a number of other synchronization tools available enabling you to enter into the Theta State that is associated with this Creative Silence. Again, it is important not to monitor yourself with concerns as to whether you're going through the process correctly. It often helps to put your awareness on your breathing. Just let yourself go through the synchronization process. At times your mind is going to wander, and that's okay. Just notice that it is, and shift your awareness back to your breathing. This is a common meditative technique that works very well and is even more quickly achieved using the brain wave synchronization technology.

The various forms of brain wave technology attempt to control the brain wave patterns by presenting visual or audio stimulation in specially formatted presentations that will take the subject to the slower wave patterns with little effort. Usually, after several minutes under the influence of these technologies, you will find yourself experiencing a blissful state of "un-attachment." You don't feel your body, your thoughts are quiet and you find that vivid mental imagery is created with ease. This can be a highly enjoyable recreational state that you can return to again and again, if you wish. However, for the purposes of "reality creation" or "reality adjusting," it's probably more important to let go of all thought and allow your mind to become quiet.

4. Let the Universal intelligence handle it.

Here's where things may become a little more challenging to grasp, depending on your background. Volumes could be written on the Oneness of the Universe and our inherent connection to everything that is. What follows is my modest conceptual overview of how this works.

A clear intention is a very powerful Energy. It is through intention that ALL things are created. You've probably heard a hundred times that, "Everything that exists originated first as a thought." Emotions are no different. Because we experience these emotional energies in a more non-tangible, seemingly subjective way, we tend to think of them differently. The fact is, however, that it doesn't matter what you're trying to create, whether it be wealth or emotional satisfaction, the process of change is the same.

By entering into the Creative Silence (i.e. Theta wave state), you are able to release your clear intention into this field of Pure Creative Potential where thoughts begin to manifest themselves into your everyday reality. The brain wave synchronization allows this intention to be clear of the "noise" that clutters your everyday thinking. It is free of judgments as to whether or not your intention is possible, thus eliminating the manifestation of limiting circumstances that would prevent your desire from being fulfilled.

Now, you must just let the Universe do its thing. Creation is an effortless event, if we only allow it to be so. It is when we try hard, or try to force an outcome, that progress is slowed and frustration heightened. We become discouraged and lose the faith that we truly are creative beings and we go back to a life where our beliefs are governed by our past experiences and the opinions and attitudes of others.

That's really all there is to mastering your emotions, or creating wealth, or finding a rewarding relationship, or anything else you desire. People love to make things complicated. We demand highly complex explanations and hard scientific evidence for nearly every new idea rather than just being quiet and listening to our intuition. Man has created the concept that it is a long hard road to the fulfillment of his desires. It's a flawed concept, not founded in any Universal truth, yet so many believe it. This type of belief system is one of the primary reasons so many are stopped from living lives they love and of loving themselves in the process.

Try these techniques, and you will see that life can be an effortless, joyful experience, if only you'd step out of the way, and let it.

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