The Play - Does it reveal a problem?

On Monday, April 16th, a lone gunman, 26 years old, killed 30+ college students at Virginia Tech before committing suicide. This was the largest massacre in American history. The murderer was a young man whose family came to America from South Korea and was enrolled at Virgina Tech as an English major.

Seung Cho, described by his classmates as a loner who seemed obsessed with violence, was once flagged by his English professor as a "troubled student" after he submitted two assignments. The University failed to see the seriousness of the warnings and Cho was advised to seek counselling.

Viewzone presents these two papers -- short plays -- which contain graphic language and can be disturbing to some people. We ask you to use your own discretion when reading this material. Decide for yourself if this is a "seriously disturbed" individual or, as was suggested at the time, just a student expressing his ideas under the banner of free speech.

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Yeah, this is sick stuff. It seems to show a dude who was abused as a kid and maybe has a good reason to be sick. There are so many casual references to sodomy that I wonder if this actually happened to him?

I think that the university should have alerted his parents and made him get help or else leave the campus.

Bart H.

I agree with the previous post in that we should have the same reporting system used in high schools in colleges. After all the students are just a few years older, away from home, and under a lot of stress anyway. Someone ought to have warned his parents for sure.

G. Harris

I see definite issues of anger towards a male figure, possibly someone who abused this young man. I hope the police investigate this thoroughly. I only hope that this publicity doesn't instigate a copy-cat.

Dr. Judy L.

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